Fetal Remains Burial Trial Concludes, But No Ruling Yet

A judge says he expects to rule at the end of August on Senate Bill 8, a Texas law that requires health providers to cremate or bury fetal remains, according to the Texas Tribune.

The trial concluded on Friday, but U.S. District Judge David Alan Ezra says he’s waiting on final written arguments, which are due Aug. 3.

SB 8 followed a U.S. district judge’s determination in 2017 that reversed a Texas Department of State Health Services rule that had the same effect. Here’s the Trib:

Throughout the five-day trial, a wave of patients, health providers, state agency officials, bioethicists, cemetery directors and religious leaders flowed through the witness stand.

Before dismissing attorneys Friday morning, Ezra rattled off a list of questions and concerns he wanted both sides to answer in closing arguments, including: What authority does Texas have to pass laws around giving dignity to the unborn? What would happen to women’s access to care for abortions and miscarriages if health providers did not have a facility to handle fetal remains? And how many facilities — secular or otherwise — have committed to helping with burials and cremation?

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