Texas Tribune Runs Through Factors On States’ Side in Fight To Dismantle ACA

All arguments have been submitted in the case that pits Texas and 19 other states against the Affordable Care Act, according to the Texas Tribune. That means a federal judge, right here in North Texas, now holds the key to the healthcare law’s future.

Experts say a ruling should come in the next few months, according to the Trib, which ran through several factors in Texas’ favor in a story this week:

It’s not the first time Texas has sued over Obamacare, but this attempt has several weighty advantages. One comes from Congress, which in December shrunk the penalty for not having health insurance to $0, putting the individual mandate on shaky legal grounds. Another may come from the judge, who has made news in recent years for ruling against policies pushed by the Obama administration. And, perhaps most importantly, this time Texas won’t face the U.S. Department of Justice: The Trump administration said in June that it agrees with certain features of Texas’ case and won’t defend the individual mandate, a relatively rare move that took many by surprise.

Texas filed the lawsuit in February on behalf of the 20 states. The Trib has more.