Texas Health Dallas Has A New Nurse-Assisting Robot


Texas Health Dallas will soon deploy, on a pilot basis, a new artificial intelligence-fueled nurse-assisting robot named Moxi, which the system says could help it free up its nursing and other staff members to do the more important work.

Texas Health Resources will first explore whether Moxi, built by Austin company Diligent Robotics, can effectively ease the burden in a neurology and stroke unit in Dallas. From Texas Health:

On a typical day, someone on the nursing or support staff at Texas Health Dallas may have to fill shelves in supply rooms, set up and stock patient rooms, run labs and perform other tasks that take them away from being at the patients’ bedside. Using artificial intelligence technology, Texas Health Dallas and Diligent Robot staff will investigate whether ‘Moxi,’ which can autonomously move around and uses an arm to pick up and place objects in desired locations, can assume some of these duties.

Hospital staff will get a week-long demo in mid-September, followed by the month-long pilot throughout October. That will give Texas Health the chance to figure out whether this thing can help out at Texas Health Dallas and beyond.

See some video of the robot in action here.