Texas’ First Single-Incision Robotic Surgery at UTSW

Cadeddu undertaking the first single-incision, laparoscopic, robotic surgery in Texas (courtesy of: UTSW).

Single-incision robotic surgery made its Texas debut at UT Southwestern Medical Center this week. Dr. Jeffrey Cadeddu performed the new technique, which allows for all the surgical tools to enter the body through one small incision rather than five or six, reducing scarring and overall risk.

Cadeddu, a Professor of Urology and Radiology at UTSW, performed the laparoscopic surgery. “Every hole you create in a patient has a risk associated with it. Every incision means increased pain, increased risk of hitting a blood vessel,” he said via release.

The robotic device is called Single Port SP Robot, which has four arms that insert into just one hole. It will be initially used for urological surgeries on the kidney and prostate, but Cadeddu thinks it could be eventually used for head and neck surgeries, and could incorporate magnet-controlled tools as well.

“We expect this to be the start of a cascade of improved surgical procedures with fewer incisions, meaning less pain and fewer complications for patients,” said Cadeddu via release.

The robot is manufactured by Intuitive Surgical.