Cary Council Recognizes UT Southwestern Doctors for Promising Research

Kathleen M. Gibson, President and CEO, Southwestern Medical Foundation; Prasanna Alluri, M.D., Ph.D., DocStar Finalist; Animesh Tandon, M.D., M.S., DocStar Finalist; David Greenberg, M.D., DocStar Finalist; Daniel K. Podolsky, M.D., President, UT Southwestern Medical Center (Photo by: Steve Foxall)

The Cary Council has recognized three UT Southwestern doctors with grants for their early stage research. Dr. Prasanna Alluri, Dr. David Greenberg, and Dr. Animesh Tandon were this year’s recipients at the DocStars event this fall.

The Cary Council is a group of young leaders who support the Southwestern Medical Foundation and UT Southwestern Medical Center, and the Cary Council Steering Committee selected this year’s winners. The organization gifted over $220,000 this year.

Alluri’s work focuses on overcoming treatment-resistant breast cancer and has identified a drug that inhibits the cancer’s growth. Greenberg is working to predict strains of bacteria that will be antibiotic resistant via computer algorithm. Tandon is developing monitoring techniques for babies with congenital heart disease that could predict problems and more quickly enable medical intervention.

“Support for research at its earliest and, by definition, riskiest stage is essential to ultimately finding the means to address the important medical challenges still in need of solutions. In directing the funds it raises to the support of early career investigators willing to undertake this research, The Cary Council increases the promise for life-changing breakthroughs,” said Dr. Daniel K. Podolsky, President of UT Southwestern Medical Center via release.