Meet BSW’s Matt Chambers, D CEO’s Enterprise CIO of the Year

This week, D CEO held its Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer Awards, recognizing the top tech business leaders in North Texas. Several of the nominees apply their innovative expertise to the healthcare field, and were kind enough to share their thoughts on everything from significant achievements to their toughest challenges.

Baylor Scott and White’s Chief Information Officer Matthew Chambers won D CEO’s outstanding CIO at an enterprise company. Below are his responses to our Q and A leading up to the awards.


Matthew Chambers, CIO, Baylor Scott and White Health (Courtesy of: BSWH)

What has been your most significant professional achievement in the past year or so? 


“I am extremely proud that our mobile app, myBSWHealth, is the highest-rated patient care application in the Apple Store.  Since our merger, we have been challenged with improving patient’s ability to navigate the multiple portals we offered across regions, joint ventures and other entities. Shielding our customers from the complexity of our underlying healthcare systems was a top priority. The rollout of MyBSWHealth website and mobile application provided a seamless digital patient experience by assimilating a variety of products and services into a single, secure access point to BSWH services, including appointment scheduling, provider communications, bill pay, video and e-visits. The patient response has been incredible – MyBSWHealth is rated 4.8 stars (of 5), considered the “gold standard” in the App Store, which is better than any other patient care app in the healthcare industry.”

What is the toughest challenge you’ve had to overcome in your career?

“As a consultant, I was responsible for creating deliverables and forming strategies and processes to overcome business problems. Upon becoming a manager, I had to transition to guiding, coaching and delegating. This transition can prove difficult when you are accustomed to being a “doer” rather than a delegator. Providing constructive feedback to grow my team and to create effective leaders and being agile enough to allowing others implement solutions other than what I may come up with has been a consistent learning experience throughout my career.”

What do you love most about what you do?

“I love that technology is creating the future of healthcare. As an industry typically decades behind in technology, consumerization is driving change in healthcare, and at an unprecedented pace. Through technology, we are shifting toward a more holistic view of health indicators, allowing patients to have a more active role in managing their care and using virtual reality, genomics and artificial intelligence to create an interactive digital wellness experience.”

What has you most excited about the future? 

“I’m looking forward to the continuous evolvement of the healthcare landscape, the rapidly changing technology needs and overcoming the challenges that coalescing those two factors will continue to present.”