A Low-Tech Fertility Solution Goes Viral From North Texas

This device can replace expensive equipment with a natural solution (Courtesy of: Center for Assisted Reproduction).

Having children can be one of our most beautiful, frustrating, heartbreaking, joyous, and breath-taking experiences. Medical technology has a come a long way toward both preventing and improving the chances of pregnancy, but there are still so many factors out of our control.

When it comes to fertility treatments, hopeful parents have a greater ability to make pregnancy happen than ever before, but the cost is often prohibitive. One successful in-vitro pregnancy can run up to $15,000 before the mother even gets to the hospital for delivery, but Drs. Kathy and Kevin Doody at the Center for Assisted Reproduction in Bedford have introduced North Texas to a new technology that can slash costs by up to two-thirds and make fertility more natural.

Their treatment is a low-tech solution to what has become a very high tech (and thus expensive) procedure. This column from our January edition of D CEO details how a device that started as a way to prevent losing embryos when the power went out in a fertility clinic in France led to a baby that was carried by both of its mothers in North Texas.

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