Cyndie Ewert
Cyndie Ewert is a seasoned human resources and benefits professional, having been involved in the management and administration of HR since 1997. She joined Energy Future Holdings in 2009 as the Director of Benefits and HR Shared Services, and is responsible for the strategic planning and delivery of benefits, payroll, and HR shared services for all EFH employees and retirees (about 32,000 people). Ewert has a Masters of Business Administration and Bachelors of Business Administration from Amber University.

House Calls at the Office

No matter how much, how often or how loudly we preach prevention to control rising health costs, the message doesn’t always have its intended effect. We can provide education and incentives galore, but some employees are still reluctant or unwilling to seek out preventative care/screenings. In some cases, employees do not believe the inconvenience of scheduling a check-up is worth the benefit to their health, let alone the benefit to the company’s bottom line. Employees, particularly those who are in rural areas, may not have easy access to medical services. Or, they feel they don’t have the time or money.… Full Story

The Prevention Incentive

Without trying too hard, a company’s wellness program can start to sound like a parent negotiating with a child to eat his or her vegetables. Some parents may try the route of cooperation: “Eat your broccoli because it’s good for you.” Others may steer toward consequence: “Eat your broccoli or no TV tonight.” The methods may differ, but the goal is the same. So, too, with wellness programs, in which employers urge employees to adopt good, healthy habits. “Exercise regularly. Manage your weight. Don’t drink to excess. Don’t use tobacco. Get your regular check-ups. And, sure, eat your broccoli, too.”… Full Story

Successful Client-Vendor Relationships

As a benefits professional, my phone is always ringing and my inbox is always full, thanks to friendly and eager vendors. I’m bombarded with calls from sales reps, emails about new programs, and invitations to “can’t miss” seminars. Am I aware of the new offerings from such-and-such provider? Would I like to hear more about the ways our company/employees/leadership can take advantage of this tool/program/partnership? The short answer: Maybe. I won’t pretend to speak for all benefits professionals, but I’ve learned a few things about what makes a good pitch and what doesn’t, about what might make sense for our… Full Story