Dana McCormick
Dana McCormick is an area medical manager for the pharmaceutical company Sanofi. Prior to that she led pharmacy services for a health plan in the North Texas area and also for a national association of provider-owned and independent health plans. McCormick has 17 years of experience in managed care pharmacy and holds a B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Texas and a B.A. in Biology from Southwestern University

Evolving Traditional Pharmacy Management Strategies

Managing prescription drug spending has always been an extremely complex issue.  There are two emerging factors that I believe will change how we look at and manage prescription drug trend in the future (and the not-so-distant-one). The first factor is the number of high-cost specialty biologic products coming to market.  Specialty pharmacy products require such a different type of management when compared to traditional oral medications.  Currently, about 1 percent of total prescriptions dispensed  are biologics yet they account for about 17 percent of the total costs in the United States and it is expected to double by 2020. Because… Full Story

Pharmaceutical Pipeline Forecast

The overall feeling regarding drug industry R&D is mixed. Some analysts would say pipelines are full and strong, others describe as potentially lagging. Over the last couple of years, billions of dollars have been lost by pharmaceutical companies on blockbuster brand name drugs, due to patent expirations and subsequent introduction of generic competitors. Because of this, successful pipelines are even more important to pharmaceutical companies today. Pipeline productivity across all phases of development have has been slowing over the last 10 years. Approval rates of drugs that make it to the last phase of development, just prior to entry into… Full Story

No Magic Pill for Prescription Non-adherence

Do you take your medications as you and your healthcare practitioner agreed to? Every day? Exactly as recommended? Surely, as people who work in and around healthcare, we take our medicine correctly—right? In a recent study of 40,000 adults, Express Scripts Inc. found that more than 90 percent of respondents agreed that taking medications as prescribed was important, and 81 percent felt that skipping doses had negative consequences. And interestingly, when ranking healthy behaviors, respondents said taking medications as prescribed was more important than quitting smoking or eating a healthy diet. So, why does the published literature report that on… Full Story