Den Bishop

Expert: Misplaced Blame in the 2020 Healthcare Debate

Health insurance companies are on trial, and the charges are theft, deception, and even murder. Many Americans find the healthcare system’s cost, complexity, and quality to be criminal, but have we apprehended the right suspect? The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was referred to as healthcare reform. In reality, it was health insurance reform. The rates, coverages, and even profitability of health insurance companies are completely regulated as a result of the ACA. The key question voters must answer is whether health insurance companies are to blame for our health system problems. If they are, are they acting alone, or are… Full Story

The ACA, Or, What Happens When You Outlaw the Laws of Actuarial Science

Aetna made headlines when it announced a dramatic reduction in the federal Affordable Care Act exchange markets it was active in, including Texas. This is the latest rocky news for the Obamacare marketplace, but what is the source of all the financial angst? Authors of the legislation either ignored, or were unaware of, the laws of actuarial science in healthcare funding. Full Story