Eric Bassett
Eric Bassett is a Senior Partner and the Central Market Leader for Mercer Health & Benefits Consulting. Eric works with clients in all areas of health care and group benefits with particular emphasis on health care strategies, delivery system capabilities, defined contribution, and consumerism. Eric began his 28-year healthcare career working for health care vendors. He has led cross-functional teams involved in the development of rural managed care strategies, integration of legacy networks and systems, physician profiling and implementation of open access networks and systems.

Small, Midsize Employers Look For Roadmaps To Manage Healthcare Costs

Small to midsize employers often are standard-bearers for qualities like independence and gritty self-reliance. That’s probably ideal for managing tasks like IT infrastructure or corporate communications. However, when it comes to managing healthcare benefits, independence, and self-reliance could have a cost. Full Story

Analyzing The Public Exchange’s Second Year: How Is It Faring In North Texas?

Prices in the second year of the public exchange in North Texas are still low, shattering the predictions of many experts. The dramatic cost increases that many feared, and the concern that insurance carriers would not participate, never materialized. On the contrary, premiums for Year 2 of the exchange are competitive and the number of participating insurance carriers has increased. Full Story

As ACOs Gain Popularity, How Can You Parse The Real Deals From Pretenders?

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are emerging at an extremely fast pace throughout the nation and in North Texas. The country’s ACO tally has jumped to 606, more than four times the ACOs listed in 2011 when there were 138, according to Leavitt Partners. So how can you spot the real ACO versus the pretender? Full Story

How Are Employers Responding To The Healthcare Law?

What’s clear and not at all surprising is that employers have their hands full. Most said the law has increased their administrative burden. That burden includes communicating with employees about public exchanges, and tracking and reporting hours, eligibility and certification of plans. Full Story