Texas Health Plano Saving More Limbs with Non-Traditional Procedure

More than two million Americans are living as amputees, and that’s expected to double by 2050. In an attempt to change the projection, Texas Health Plano is trying something different. A new and unique catheterization procedure can help salvage the legs of more would-be amputee patients. The multidisciplinary program includes emergency physicians, orthopedic surgeons, wound care physicians, podiatry, internal medicine and interventional cardiology. “The goal is to provide a cohesive plan of care for patients presenting to the ER or wound care center with ischemic ulcers of the legs (or) feet,” says Dr. Vijay Ramanath, medical director of Texas Health… Full Story

With Cases on the Rise, Parkland Recognizes Burn Awareness Week

In 2017, Parkland admitted more than 230 children for specialized burn treatments. More than half of them were three years old or younger. “The number of both pediatric and adult patients admitted to the burn center has steadily increased over the years along with the population growth in North Texas,” Parkland Burn Program Manager Stephanie Campbell says. “The rate of pediatric admissions has remained steady, representing about a third of our total admissions each year,” Campbell says. With burn cases on the rise, experts at Parkland, the fourth busiest pediatric burn center in the U.S., are reiterating the importance of… Full Story

After TAVR Procedure, Medical City Patient Reaches Her 99th Birthday

Dorothy Lowman, 99, visited the Dallas Valve Institute at Medical City Dallas in November due to aortic stenosis, a serious valve disease that occurs when a heart valve is too narrow. With 200,000 cases per year, it’s fairly common. According to QJM, a medical journal, aortic stenosis predominantly affects the elderly. Surgical units operating on a large number of patients have reported a less than 10-percent mortality rate. However, Lowman was previously told her condition was untreatable due to her age. Dr. Bruce Bowers, an interventional cardiologist at Medical City Dallas, and Dr. Todd Dewey, a cardiovascular surgeon, were able… Full Story

Dallasite is the Go-to Physician for Professional Bull Riders

There’s no telling how many injuries are suffered by professional athletes in general, let alone professional bull riders. Concussions, internal bruising, broken bones, and ripped ligaments are all part of the dangerous sport. When it comes time to treat those injuries, the bull riders turn to Dallas’s Dr. Tandy Freeman. As medical director of the Justin Sports Medicine Program and the Professional Bull Riders Sports Medicine Program, Freeman knows a thing or two about bulls. He also knows how the sport and sports medicine have changed in recent years. In contrast to today’s sports medicine programs, he says, “a bottle… Full Story

Parkland and Partners to Provide Trained Personnel for Behavioral Emergencies

The city of Dallas will soon start sending its behavioral emergency calls to a trained mental health response team. The city’s new pilot program, called the Rapid Integrated Group Healthcare Team Care (or RIGHT Care, for short), is a collaboration between Parkland Health & Hospital System, the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, the Dallas Police Department, and the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department. The program aims to use resources efficiently while enhancing safety, sending mental illness emergencies to on-call emergency personnel instead of to police officers, who are typically not trained for such tasks. It’s expected to launch on Jan. 29. The… Full Story