Gary Carini
Gary R. Carini is the professor of management and associate dean for graduate business programs at the Hankamer School of Baylor University. For the past 20 years, he has served as a consultant and facilitator for several Fortune 100 companies. The work focuses primarily on how companies achieve and sustain a competitive advantage in a changing marketplace.

To Start 2017, Here Are Tips From an Insider on Turning Around a Toxic Group

The best leaders care about the people with whom they work. It’s that simple. If people do not matter to the leader, the leader is actively driving the group or team toward destruction. This may be inadvertent, but it’s happening. Now that it’s a new year, take a step back and do some self-reflection on how to improve your team. Full Story

As Healthcare Execs Stress Over ‘Competition From Other Providers,’ A Remedy For ‘Cognitive Tunneling’

In a 2016 survey of community hospital CEOs published by the American College of Healthcare Executives, respondents noted their concern for “competition from other providers.” Consider the impact of retail clinics in today’s competitive arena: This business model was not present in any significant way 15 years ago. Gary Carini, a Baylor University management professor, has some tips on how to compete. Full Story

How Vulnerability Can Aid In Implementing The Affordable Care Act’s Reforms

Healthcare providers should ask themselves: what is our work as we implement the ACA? They need to listen for discouraging comments suggest that we are stalled in status quo and to push toward becoming an organization where vulnerability is accepted, writes Gary Carini, a longtime healthcare consultant and associate dean for graduate programs at the Hankamer School of Baylor University. Full Story

Successful Healthcare Organizations Do These 7 Things

There’s no recipe for success for organizing the healthcare arena of tomorrow. That would be easy. Going forward, as managers, what do we need to keep at the forefront of our thinking? Here’s the top seven themes from seven leaders, whom I’ve had the privilege of encountering. Full Story

Driving Insight Forward

Add insight and become a much better boss, peer, or direct report. Bring your intuition to work and overwhelm patients with the greatest care they will ever experience Full Story

Simple Solutions to Scope Creep

Drew clearly kept the overall vision and scope of the clinic in his mind. The healthcare system’s motto was on the wall in the waiting area. The staff knew their roles and always got high grades from the patients. So, what was wrong? Since the Tuesday after Labor Day, everyone has been edgy—­­­just living on a short fuse. That coincided with the day that the memo arrived from the administration about taking on more responsibility—more patients, more revenue, and more administrative responsibilities. Kay, who had greeted patients for years, walked out. No work setting is ever perfect—we know that. So,… Full Story

Busyness Isn’t Always Good For Business

Think about your staff. What is it like to be in their shoes? When they come into work are they excited? Are they looking forward to unpacking the Affordable Care Act and what it means to your organization? Or would you say they describe themselves as being busy? Do they look worn? Do they seem distracted when you talk to them and are they often trying to hurry you through your conversation with them? When you hired them—or first met them—did you think that much more creativity would emerge from their brains? Well, they could, in fact, be saying they… Full Story