James Laskaris

Modern Medical Marvels That Might Be Just Months Away

New medical innovations are hitting American healthcare just about daily, and several more jaw-dropping technologies might be just a few months away. Here’s a look at a few of them.   Liquid Biopsy-Cancer Screening Every year, 1.6 million cancer cases are diagnosed; tragically, 600,000 will die of the disease. Until now, the standard of diagnosis was a tissue biopsy, which can be costly and painful for the patient. Liquid biopsy uses protein biomarkers in the blood associated with cancer or DNA mutations. It’s quick and easy to administer, and can be performed in just about any clinical setting. In addition… Full Story

An Overview of the Technology That Hopes to Redefine the Care We Receive

Today’s medical technology is on the brink of several innovations that are nothing short of breathtaking. New smaller and smarter technologies that offer the allure of both incredible costs savings and tremendous advances in patient treatment are rapidly being developed for stroke, breast cancer, imaging, and more. Full Story