Jeffrey C. Stouffer

How Facility Design Is Keeping Pace With DFW’s Shifting Healthcare Landscape

Today’s healthcare providers must contend with the nuances of health reform while managing age-old concerns of patient care. Several DFW healthcare projects demonstrate how facility design can help healthcare organizations strike the balance of delivering care both efficiently and well. New reimbursement and delivery models, such as accountable care organizations, health insurance exchanges, Medicaid expansion, the patient-centered medical home, and integrated delivery are all part of the latest healthcare paradigm. Empathetic facility designs address these issues along with patient and staff safety, the cost of care, facility adaptability, and speed to market. The acute care hospital and multispecialty clinic being… Full Story

LEED v4: Its Impact on Healthcare Architecture

“Haste makes waste.” “Better late than never.” There are several cliché phrases that aptly describe the launch of LEED v4, but the bottom line is that it was passed recently with an 86 percent approval rating. This comes after three years and six public comment periods. It originally was titled LEED 2012, but several controversial initiatives resulted in additional time and revision before it was “ready for prime time” and a final vote. Although most voters supported the evolution of key requirements and attaining a higher standard, some are concerned that LEED v4 has introduced changes that may be too much, too… Full Story

What’s Trending in Ambulatory Care Design

As ambulatory care assumes a larger role in healthcare, the design of ambulatory care facilities is taking on greater importance. These facilities can provide a high-quality, cost-effective, convenient and comfortable experience for patients, their families and caregivers. Designers are working with healthcare organizations to create buildings that support efficient operational models and new services, and will respond easily to the future healthcare needs of any population. These are the latest developments in ambulatory care design: New operational models: It’s increasingly clear that efficient operations are key to the effectiveness of any facility. By defining Lean operational parameters, an organization can… Full Story