Joe Allred
Lawrence E. "Joe" Allred is assistant vice president for venture development at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in the Office for Technology Development. He has fostered the development of new pharmaceutical and medical device companies arising out of UT Southwestern technologies since 1999. Allred has been a member of boards for biomedical companies in which the university holds equity and currently sits on the boards of two nonprofit biomedical-related organizations. Allred continues to develop start up pharmaceutical and medical device companies and has responsibility for development of the university’s 15.5-acre biomedical industrial business park, BioCenter at Southwestern Medical District.

Starr Frame—From Concept to Commercialization

My friend David Ewing’s experience was much the same as others who’ve suffered sudden major trauma.  “I didn’t understand what happened. One moment everything was fine,” he said.  “I was driving to meet a friend for lunch, and then I was waking up in an ambulance on the way to a hospital.”  The collision that knocked him unconscious had shattered his pelvis. The treatment he would receive in the next few days would determine if he walked normally again, and how much pain he would have in the coming weeks and for the rest of his life. The medical devices… Full Story

Healthcare: The Business We’re In

While standing in line to board a cross-country bus, a middle-aged man crumples to the floor. Stunned momentarily, bystanders gasp then began trying to help. Someone calls 9-1-1. A woman kneels to see if he’s OK. No response. A nearby man begins pushing on the chest, hoping he is doing it right. An approaching siren announces the arrival of the EMS ambulance. Paramedics come through the door and take over. Many things happen at once, each of the medics playing their role. They work on the patient until a decision is made to transport. At the nearest hospital the EMS… Full Story