Joe Lastinger
Joe Lastinger, CEO of the North Texas Accountable Healthcare Partnership, has 15 years of executive management experience in healthcare and health information technology services. He previously was the chief marketing officer for T-System Inc. Lastinger holds a B.A. in Philosophy and a MBA in Health Services Administration from the University of Dallas.

Sharing Healthcare Information Throughout the Region

In 1994 a group of companies got together to solve a common problem. The group included Compaq, DEC, IBM, INTEL, Microsoft, NEC, Nortel and would later expand to include HP, Lucent, and Phillips. The goal of this unusual coalition was to make it easier for consumers to connect external devices to the multitudes of computers manufactured by the participants. Rather than compete on the basis of incompatibility with each other’s products, they set aside competitive differences and put the interests of the consumer first to create the USB. I am old enough to recognize this as a major improvement over… Full Story