How to Embrace the Transition to Menopause and Not Lose Your Mind

Tiffany Jackson is a physician with Baylor Scott & White Gynecology Specialists. Don’t ask her to deliver your baby—her practice is exclusively in gynecology. As a woman in the throes of the “change of life,” I asked the expert to share her insights and survival tips.  I tell people that the day you think you’ve lost your mind is the day you know you’ve started menopause. Is there a way to actually test for it? With regard to losing your mind, you’re probably referring to some of the mood changes that might occur with the transition. As the ovaries are… Full Story

Let’s Keep the Best Doctors in Dallas; Start By Paying Women Docs What They’re Worth

Dallas, here’s a thought. We spend a lot of time courting corporations with tax breaks and large land parcels and various other amenities. What if we could also boast one of the strongest medical (or fill in any other skilled profession) communities in the nation, because we paid the fairest wage to women and minority doctors and surgeons? That would be something worthy of a party. Full Story