Ken Malcolmson
Ken Malcolmson is CEO of Humana’s West Central Region, where he is responsible for the overall management and strategic planning for the company’s commercial health benefit products in a 18-state region. A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Malcolmson previously served as Humana’s market president with responsibilities for commercial operations in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston. Prior to that he held executive posts at Express Scripts, CIGNA Health Care of Texas, and Towers Perrin; he began his career in 1974 at Aetna Life Insurance Co.

Urgent Care May Provide Quicker, More Affordable Alternative to ERs

When people are sick or injured—whether bogged down by the flu or dealing with a sprained ankle—the last thing they want to do is wait to get better. Not realizing that there are other options, however, many patients go straight to hospital emergency rooms, where the average wait time is nearly an hour and average visit time is more than four hours. Wait times are likely to get worse, due to about seven percent of ERs nationwide being forced to close in the past 10 years and about 90 percent of the rooms either at or over capacity. ER visits… Full Story

Fast-tracking Wellness Programs

An emphasis on wellness remains a hot healthcare trend for businesses. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently noted several themes to watch this year, including fast-tracking wellness programs to create a healthier workforce for cost savings in future years. That’s no surprise to global human resources firm Aon Hewitt, which found in another study that mitigating three of eight high-risk factors—smoking, lack of health screening, inactivity, poor stress management, insufficient sleep, poor standard of care, excessive alcohol consumption and poor diet—can save employers as much as $700 per employee. Businesses looking to tailor fitness activities to current popular interests… Full Story

Employee Incentives for Healthy Choices Reduce Healthcare Costs

Health care costs continue to increase, and the main drivers of those rising costs are preventable diseases. With that in mind, and since more than 61 percent of American adults receive their health insurance through their employer, it’s understandable  there are increased expectations on employers to help their employees live healthier lives. To assist employers, many health benefits plans offer incentive or rewards programs aimed at helping employees achieve better health. In addition to motivating and rewarding workers for living a healthy lifestyle, participating in rewards programs can help keep employers’ claim costs and insurance premiums to a minimum. It… Full Story

Why People Make Unhealthy Choices

Americans are constantly bombarded by health information. Television, magazines, the internet, and other media sources are full of information about the critical role that healthy behaviors play in preventing disease, improving quality of life, and reducing long-term healthcare costs. As a result, most people understand the crucial importance of regular exercise and healthy eating to long-term health. One would think that this abundance of data would yield a nation full of people who are in excellent shape and run little risk of developing conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease, says Laura Ten Eyck, Ph.D., a clinical outcomes expert with… Full Story