Michael Abcarian

The Harvey ‘Weinstein Effect’ and the Healthcare Industry

After Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of widespread sexual harassment by a growing number of women beginning last fall, the phrase “Weinstein Effect” was coined to describe the increasing number of women speaking out to name and shame those who are alleged to be workplace sexual harassers. Additionally, the Weinstein Effect has ignited a firestorm of social media opposition to sexual harassment that is fueling the #MeToo campaign of empowerment for victims of sexual harassment and abuse. Since last fall, the #MeToo movement has expanded well beyond the glitz and glam of Hollywood and the entertainment industry as… Full Story

Telemedicine in the Workplace

Innovations in healthcare greatly improve the lives of your employees and help your company contain business costs. “Telemedicine” was one of the more popular benefit trends of 2017, because it provides employees with easy and affordable access to medical care. However, employers are often unaware of the legal risks associated with introducing such programs into the workplace, and the prudent employer is well-served by taking a careful look before leaping. What is “telemedicine”? Telemedicine most often refers to delivery of medical services by healthcare professionals through technology, rather than in person. These services are often provided through secure, site-to-site electronic communications… Full Story