Russ Williamson
Russ Williamson is president and CEO of the Health Industry Council of North Texas. He has 20 years of healthcare experience, most recently as vice president and general manager of the Primary Care Business Unit in Texas for Pfizer Inc. Williamson began his career with Pfizer in 1992, when he was hired as a professional healthcare representative with the Pfizer Labs division the company in Brooklyn, N.Y. He went on to hold a number of positions of increasing responsibility within Pfizer and in various functions, from sales and marketing to training and operations. The Health Industry Council brings together a diverse and dynamic group of healthcare leaders with a mission to connect and help foster change.

Navigators: Assistance for the State Health Insurance Exchanges

In just a few short months, Texas will see the realities of one of the most significant changes in healthcare in decades. The Affordable Care Act is coming to Texas, and a big part of it will soon be available from your home computer. While the state has decided against expanding Medicaid to cover an extra million or more Texans, a healthcare exchange is on its way to the Lone Star State thanks to the Affordable Care Act. This healthcare exchange will likely be a website where you can compare various different health insurance plans available to you. The decisions… Full Story

Strategies for Leadership Development

The purpose of leadership is to create more leaders not more followers. Any leader, amidst all his or her responsibilities, should ensure their organization has a robust leadership development program that strengthens existing and emerging talent to assume roles of greater responsibility. As a former military officer, especially in combat, there was an ever-looming reality that I could be injured or killed in the next enemy engagement and the next ranking soldier had to be prepared to assume command. If I really cared about my unit and the soldiers in it, then it was imperative that I prepared them to… Full Story