Scott Flannery
Scott Flannery is chief executive officer for the employer and individual market of UnitedHealthcare North Texas. Flannery has served in this position since October 2009 with overall accountability for health plan operations. Prior to his current position, Flannery was vice president of sales and account management, responsible for new business sales and client management for North Texas and Oklahoma employers. Flannery is board vice president of Earning by Learning of Dallas and a board member of the Health Industry Council of North Texas.

How a Small Business Can be a Health Leader and Why it Should

In every business community you can find a number of well-respected employers. Their very name makes other businesses and the general public smile with appreciation.  You see them at walks and runs. You see their names among the sponsors of events to cure diseases and fill food pantries. Their executives sit on the boards of nonprofits. These corporate heroes are also health leaders. We might think they have to be large companies with lots of resources, offering premium health benefit plans to their employees while generously supporting local charitable organizations. But there’s no reason why a small business can’t also… Full Story

The Smart Consumer: The More They Know, the Healthier We Will All Be

There was a day when consumers had little awareness or control over what healthcare services they used, much less what they spent. However, the Internet and new technology are changing all that. With a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a smartphone, we’ve become accustomed to researching symptoms, evaluating prescriptions, and investigating our own diagnoses. More information has meant consumers have more control over their medical decisions and can demand higher quality and better value, which has led the way for continued improvements to the healthcare system. With rising medical costs continuing in an uncertain economy, it’s more… Full Story