Steve Harris
Steve Harris, CEBS, has been a leader in the employee benefits and health improvement industry for more than twenty years. He is development officer for Holmes Murphy & Associates and ACAP Health Consulting, Holmes Murphy’s clinical innovation laboratory. Harris leads the development of client relationships, health and benefit service delivery, and the design of inventive programs that yield improved health outcomes for companies nationwide.

Expert Opinion: Simplifying Health Plans and Controlling Costs

The year was 2003, and a Fortune 500 company in Austin was looking to be the first employer with over 10,000 covered employees to launch a consumer driven health plan (CDHP). The savings the company realized from the federally mandated high deductibles would be redistributed in the form of Health Savings Account (HSA) dollars, so employees and their dependents could be better stewards of their own money. Coming out of an HMO era with low copays, the promise was that healthcare consumers needed “skin in the game” to impact the rising cost of healthcare.  As famed economist Milton Friedman’s once… Full Story

Struck by a Turtle? There’s a Code for That.

The United States healthcare system will be implementing a new coding system called ICD-10 that is scheduled to take effect on Oct. 1, 2014. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will require the code sets be used by any covered entity under HIPAA. Whenever we are treated for medical care, a code is assigned to designate our illness or injury. These diagnosis codes are meant to help providers and payers better track what happened, how much it should cost and what follow-up care is needed. The ICD-10 codes will not impact coding for outpatient procedures and physician services. There… Full Story

Obamacare: The Federal Government’s Swimming Pool

As the summer came to a close and the kids headed back to school, I could not help but be thankful for the fun we had in our backyard pool. It suddenly dawned on me that our private swimming pool provided many analogies as it relates to the direction of our federal healthcare reform initiatives. Many Americans, like my younger sister, will be the first to benefit from affordable coverage without any restrictions for preexisting conditions on Jan. 1. The Affordable Care Act allows older Americans to pay a higher rate than younger Americans, but the community rating band will… Full Story