Steve Whitcraft
Steve Whitcraft is a 28-year construction-industry veteran. In his role as Turner Construction Co.’s director of commercial and healthcare segment groups in the Texas region, he is responsible for client development, project strategy, pre-construction and construction leadership on healthcare, office, multifamily and mixed-use building sectors. Whitcraft earned a bachelor's degree and master of architecture degree from the University of Michigan. He also holds several professional designations from healthcare organizations, including the American Hospital Association, the Center for Health Design, and the American Society of Healthcare Engineers.

Follow These Guidelines To Reduce Costs in Healthcare Construction Projects

We have a big challenge in the current Texas healthcare construction market. Contractors have as much work as they’ve had in a long while. Some would say, “We are busy, but always ready to take on new work.” Everyone wants to have a predictable flow of work to keep their talented staffs engaged and productive, performing the work they are trained for and passionate about doing. Even with this apparently insatiable appetite for more work, we see prices rise and contractors struggle to complete work as committed. Full Story

Finding The Push For A Remarkable Patient Experience

Studies have shown that positive personal and physical environment improves patient recovery time. Healthcare professionals may not be able to completely control the outcome, but the approach to making the patient experience positive, through extra, creative effort is changing. There are many examples, but here are three I know of that help make the point. Full Story

How Healthcare Construction Is Boosting Safety Through Technology

Sometimes the construction industry gets accused of using the same technologies as it did when the Pyramids were built. This may have been true years ago, but today we are seeing new developments in many aspects of healthcare construction, with prefabrication and safety being two areas where there has been substantial change. Full Story

Looking Up to Birds For Better Project Teams

As more collaborative delivery and IPD projects are completed, and the metrics of their success are shared, these concepts will be integrated into the fabric of more project teams and the “early birds” with this experience will lead where we are going in delivering better healthcare facilities to patients, their families, and for the staff who serve them. Full Story

Leaner Decision-making

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” This quote actually came from Yogi Berra giving directions to Joe Garagiola, who was coming to his New Jersey home. As it turns out, his home was accessible by two routes—either way would get to the same place. Decisions should be easy, right? If you take Yogi’s advice, you just need to pick one and get on with it. Unfortunately, most healthcare design and construction-related decisions do not take you to the same place, and various routes have vastly different impact. At our oldest child’s graduation last weekend, I… Full Story

Food for (Better) Thought?

If you go to the grocery store with a specific list of ingredients for a favorite meal that you cook all the time, you can probably get competitive prices pretty efficiently. However, if you and your family are just hungry, on a budget, and want to eat something good that you may not have had before, you probably need to get together and come up with the list, before you run out and go shopping—I don’t know about you, but we get all kinds of stuff we don’t need with no list on an empty stomach. More often than not,… Full Story

The Replace-in-Place Construction Solution

My wife and I are planning a major renovation of our home—admittedly nothing like a healthcare project, but I will get back to healthcare, if you bear with me for a moment. Have you ever lived through a renovation in your home? What kind of experience was it? Would you do it again?  If the first answer was yes, more often than not, the third answer is, “No. I wouldn’t recommend it without serious consideration of other alternatives.” We have gone through and eliminated these alternatives: 1. Buy a new house on another site. Nearby homes are out of our… Full Story

Facility Strategies in an Uncertain Future

Last week at our company’s semi-annual meeting of 40 of our Healthcare leaders and project executives from across the country, we shared stories of projects that are moving forward despite the uncertain future we all face in the economy and the regulatory environment. The healthcare providers that are able to move forward with facility planning and construction are fewer in number and smaller in size than we have seen in the past – although there are examples that buck the trend. A summary presentation of the healthcare industry showed that healthcare providers are being evaluated more and more, by patients… Full Story

Bracing for the Next Storm

Lessons learned in a crisis should not go to waste. In fact, the source of the next round of code and safety measure upgrades often comes from the previous round of disasters. Disasters during the early 1900’s in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York were the basis for the nation’s first earthquake, fire, and high-rise construction codes. In light of recent weather events, the topic of “storm hardening” critical facilities has been a topic of interest among our Healthcare Group. Storm hardening, or building-in protection against high-weather damage, has become an increasing priority for many of our healthcare and critical… Full Story