Dallas Group Donates $3.2 Million to Fight Pediatric Brain Cancer

The Carson Leslie Awards, a partnership between The Carson Leslie Foundation and The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, has now donated more than $3.2 million to area hospitals, in an effort to find less toxic childhood brain cancer treatments, the group announced recently. Recipients include UT-Southwestern, Baylor College of Medicine, and Texas Tech University Health Science Center. Less toxic treatment for children who are undergoing harsh chemotherapy and radiation on their young and growing bodies is critical, foundation officials said. Childhood cancer survivors face serious medical complications, secondary cancers, cognitive impairments and shortened lifespans.

Dirk Nowitzki to Donate to Rare Disease Research

Dirk Nowitzki will donate $20 for every two-pointer the Dallas Mavericks make for a month to research of a rare disease, he said recently. The Mavs superstar is teaming with the iBellieve Foundation to raise money for research on MPS II, also known as Hunter syndrome, a rare and progressively debilitating genetic disorder that almost exclusively affects males. Enlarged heads, buildups of fluid in the brain, bone and joint deformities, and heart valve abnormalities are just some of the complications that can befall MPS II sufferers. Nowitzki is a long-time friend and supporter of iBellieve Foundation founder, Simon Ibell. Alright, so let’s do some math. The… Full Story

Pickens Continues Run of Medical Philanthropy, Breaks Ground on Hospice Center

Back in 1949, T. Boone Pickens married his first wife and, at her request, began attending a Presbyterian church. Despite the fact that his grandfather was a Methodist minister, Pickens began attending services at First Presbyterian Church in Amarillo, and has stayed with the denomination ever since. “This might be my last gift to Presbyterian,” Pickens said Tuesday. “Because at some point I’ll move back to Methodism, because I don’t want to see him [in heaven]…” Whether or not he’ll have to answer to his grandfather for his 64 years of Presbyterianism, Pickens made sure his supposed last donation to… Full Story

Conversation With: Methodist Health System Foundation CEO April Box Chamberlain

Despite what the headline above reads, April Box Chamberlain does much more than serve as president and CEO of the Methodist Health System Foundation. She’s also the senior VP of external affairs for the company, whose purview stretches from McKinney to Midlothian. The company’s flagship center, Methodist Dallas, is currently undergoing a $108 million addition to its trauma center. Later this month, she’ll be named “Fundraising Executive of the Year” by the greater Dallas chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. We sat down with Box Chamberlain to discuss the Charles A. Sammons Trauma and Critical Care Tower, Methodist’s role in the expansion… Full Story

T. Boone Pickens Donates $20 Million to Johns Hopkins

Dallas resident T. Boone Pickens plans to give $20 million to The Johns Hopkins University to support potentially vision-saving research at the university’s Wilmer Eye Institute, the university announced Thursday. Pickens has been treated at Wilmer for both cataracts and macular degeneration, the latter of which also afflicted his father, who was legally blind by the time he reached Pickens’ age. Pickens has discussed receiving new macular degeneration treatments developed in just the past decade that preserved his eyesight. “I’m doing pretty good,” Pickens said. “When I have a problem—and I do have an eye problem and all—I find the best, and… Full Story

Baylor Health Sends Medical Supplies to Aid Syrians

Baylor Health employees and volunteers will be packing up medical supplies today, sending them to Syrian refugees who have fled to Lebanon. Coordinated by Baylor’s Faith In Action Initiative, the effort includes sending hospital stretchers, exam tables, IV poles, therapy tables, surgical bandaging, surgery packs, gloves, sutures, syringes, and needles. “These medical supplies, which are no longer needed by Baylor Health Care System, can make a tremendous difference to the medical facilities that are providing medical care to refugees from Syria,” Faith In Action director Don Sewell said in a statement. “We work with hospitals throughout our own healthcare system as well… Full Story

North Texas Organ-Donation Charity CEO Pockets Two-Thirds of Donations

Three years ago, 13-year-old Taylor Storch died in a skiing accident. Upon her death, her heart was donated to an Arizona woman, her kidneys were sent to Colorado, and  her corneas helped revive the sight of two others. After her death, Taylor’s parents founded Taylor’s Gift, a Coppell-based foundation that raises awareness about the good that comes from organ donation. Some of that good, it seems, is just lining her father’s pockets. Last year, the foundation brought in $163,000 in revenue; the charity’s CEO, Todd Storch, was paid a salary of $100,000, plus $8,500 in expenses. WFAA caught up with Todd… Full Story