Meet the Co-founders of Specialty Pharmacy Startup Senderra

In the spring of 2009, Win Purifoy was helping his friend from church, Tom Bohannon, move to a new area when one of Tom’s acquaintances dropped by and struck up a conversation about the specialty pharmacy business. After business plans with the acquaintance fell through, Purifoy and Bohannon threw around the idea of partnering together on a specialty pharmacy venture themselves, and discussed the concept with Will Howard, Purifoy’s now-business partner. Purifoy, Howard, and Bohannon combined their business expertise and market knowledge to develop a new standard for specialty pharmacy that would focus on the needs of patients and physicians.… Full Story

Conversation With: UTSW’s Madhukar Trivedi Talks The Potential of Depression Research

According to the World Health Organization, more than 121 million people worldwide suffer from depression. And unlike heart disease or Alzheimer’s, it’s something that arrives early in life and remains, making the stakes that much higher. The WHO estimates that it costs the global economy $1 trillion each year. Hear from one of the researchers at the front lines. Full Story

Conversation With Part II: Dr. Don Read Talks Zika, Physician Legislative Engagement

Earlier this month, Texas Medical Association President Dr. Don Read chimed in on balance billing, physician independence, and what the healthcare issues he expects to see rise to the surface in the next legislative session. In this second part of the interview, Read, a Dallas-based colorectal surgeon and West Nile survivor, talks about the public health threat of the Zika virus and why it’s so important for physicians to get involved politically. Full Story

Conversation With: Dr. Don Read, TMA President, Talks Balance Billing, Physician Independence, Narrow Networks

Hospital systems are buying up physician practices. Insurance companies are shrinking their networks to control costs. Deductibles are sailing upward, and legislators seem none too interested in helping about a million ‘working poor’ Texans get insurance. In this interview, Texas Medical Association President Dr. Don Read dug in on what he sees as the biggest topics facing Texas physicians for the next 12 months. Full Story