Cedar Springs Capital, Crestline Investors Acquire Nashville-based Patient Financial Engagement Company

Dallas-based Cedar Springs Capital and Fort Worth-based Crestline Investors Inc. have partnered to acquire a majority interest in an Oregon-based patient financial engagement company called CarePayment. As a result of the deal, CarePayment will relocate its headquarters to Nashville. Full Story

Tenet Healthcare Records $192 Million Net Loss in 2016, Re-Prioritizes

Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare has announced plans to strengthen its hospital portfolio and expand its ambulatory network after releasing its 2016 financial records, showing a net loss of $192 million. While Tenet reported higher operating revenue than in the previous year, growing from $18.6 billion in 2015 to $19.6 billion in 2016, the financial boost was attributed to an increase in net patient service revenue. Tenet’s records showed it closed 2016 with $4.9 billion in revenue for its fourth quarter, a 3.3 percent decrease from the same quarter in 2015. After accounting for investment income and other expenses, Tenet ended 2016… Full Story

Fort Worth Hedge Fund Incites Hospital Operator Investigation Into Spinoff Disclosures

Hospital operator Quorum Health Corp., based in Brentwood, Tenn., has launched an investigation to determine whether it provided acceptable disclosure to investors prior to its spinoff after a Fort Worth-based investor wrote to Quorum’s board. According to Reuters, one of Quorum’s investors, hedge fund Q Investments LP of Fort Worth, wrote to Quorum’s board in October alleging that “debt-laden Community Health Systems duped Quorum investors.” In its letter, Q Investments also told Quorum, which currently owns or leases 36 hospitals, that it should launch an investigation. The letter says, “We believe Community Health was desperate to raise cash, and they… Full Story

Compliance 101: Your Plan Should Increase Office Efficiency and Transparency. Does It?

Although patient confidentiality is an important piece of compliance practice standards, a compliance plan addresses much more. An effective compliance plan helps an office run more smoothly from check-in to check-out and for patient care. And it also helps open lines of communication to encourage whistle-blowing that protects your practice. Full Story

Report: In Age Of Reform, Insurance Companies Bet On Public Plans Instead Of Commercial

In the age of healthcare reform and hospital consolidation, insurers have begun to hone in on taxpayer-funded plans to shore up revenue. Modern Healthcare takes a look at the SEC filings for some of the nation’s largest payers, finding that “the industry is creatively maneuvering into new lines of business.” Full Story

Dallas Regional Chamber Meeting Shines A Light On Healthcare Costs

A study released late last year pegs Dallas as one of the nation’s most expensive cities to have a procedure performed among both Medicare recipients and patients who are insured through a private plan. The city is one of the rare exceptions where Medicare and private spending are very similar—the one problem being they’re also both exceedingly high. Dallas is the 34th highest in the nation for Medicare spending and the 40th highest for private insurance. According to a New York Times report, there are few cities with a discernible correlation between Medicare and private spending, a fact that seems… Full Story