Avoiding Pre-Term Birth with Text Messages in Dallas

It is good business to engage with consumers, but when it comes to healthcare, engagement may be a matter of life and death. Texas’ maternal mortality rate has been debated a good deal in recent years, but nearly everyone agrees that it is much too high, especially for women of color. At the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, data analytics and technology are improving outcomes for underserved pregnant women in Dallas. One significant way to reduce maternal and infant mortality is to avoid pre-term birth, and in 2017, Texas had a 10.4 percent pre-term birth rate – earning a D… Full Story

PCCI Joins Federal Effort to Fight Kidney Disease

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced earlier this month that the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation will be contributing its capabilities to support the “Advancing American Kidney Health Initiative.” Nearly 100,000 Americans are waiting on the list to receive a kidney transplant, with kidney disease ranking as the ninth leading cause of death in America, costing Medicare $114 billion a year. PCCI is focused on improving healthcare for vulnerable populations by using advance data science and clinical experts and will now advance efforts to learn more about kidney health. With 37 million patients suffering from chronic kidney… Full Story

CMS Names Vizient and Parkland Nonprofit Top Contractors

Vizient and the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation have been chosen by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as a Prime awardee of the Network of Quality Improvement and Innovation Contractor for their ability to improve healthcare quality. The designation means PCCI and Vizient can bid on CMS Task Orders over the next five years. The two organizations will serve as innovative quality improvement experts and agents for healthcare transformation. They may provide technical assistance in a variety of segments of the industry, obtain commitments from various stakeholders, team up with patients and families about improved outcomes, and assist providers in obtaining… Full Story

The Local App for Women’s Libido

At the Healthcare Dealmakers Conference Health Innovation Pitch Competition this spring, Rosy Wellness, Inc. came out on top, earning $14,000 and office space with Healthcare Wildcatters as well. Rosy is a women’s health company that addresses decreased sexual desire to improve libido with evidence-based resources and community. Low sexual desire impacts 31 million women in the U.S. alone, double the number that suffer from erectile dysfunction, yet there is just one drug and a lack of evidence based comprehensive solutions. The low desire impacts women and their relationships, as 69 percent have a worsened body image, 67 percent feel less connected, 51 percent… Full Story

When Clothes Have Their Own Muscles

What if the clothes you wore could help you stand up out of a chair, walk down the street, or even hike a mountain? At the Arts and Healthcare Breakfast presented by the Dallas Business Council for the Arts, guests were introduced to Seismic, a company that designs apparel that is integrated with robotics. The panel, which was moderated by Cigna’s North Texas and Oklahoma President and General Manager LaMonte Thomas, focused on how technology can be integrated with design and art. Seismic’s market entry and strategic partnerships leader Sarah Thomas was on the panel, and described how the clothing… Full Story

Treating Cancer with Car-T in DFW – One Year Later

Around a year ago, a cancer break through arrived in Dallas in the form of CAR-T therapy, where cells are modified and the immune system is used to fight cancer. Since then, immunotherapy has expanded in the region to include two different CAR-T therapies. Over the past year, the partnership between Texas Oncology and and Baylor University Medical Center has treated 16 patients with commercially available CAR-T, which is for lymphoma and acute leukemia. Meanwhile, 30 more patients were enrolled in clinical trials for a number of different cancers. Currently an inpatient procedure, trials are looking at moving the cancer… Full Story

What is Fort Worth’s Medical Innovation District?

A medical innovation district is planned for 1,200 acres south of downtown Fort Worth, with the hope of attracting healthcare business and serving as an innovation partner with the soon to open TCU and UNTHSC Medical School, Dallas Innovates reports. The area, called Near Southside, is already home to housing and restaurants as well as Cook Children’s Healthcare System, Texas Heath Harris Methodist, Baylor Scott & White, and Medical City Fort Worth. The hope is for innovative healthcare businesses to collaborate with more established entities, which already employ 30,000 people in the healthcare industry in the area. Modeled after similar districts… Full Story

Healthcare Dealmakers: The Future of Healthcare is Putting People First

For the modern healthcare company, business leaders say using technology and innovation to focus on people is essential to growth and success. The Ritz-Carleton Hotel was the home of the 2019 Healthcare Dealmakers Conference hosted by law firm Polsinelli, where a number of speakers and panels educated attendees on several aspects of the business of healthcare. “Each year, the Healthcare Dealmakers Conference serves as a critical opportunity for leading healthcare services providers to come together and discuss opportunities, as well as ways to overcome obstacles, for improving our healthcare system,” said Polsinelli Shareholder Bobby Guy, chair of the conference, via… Full Story

How to Build Women-Led Healthcare Businesses

When women lead companies, they outperform others without any female leadership, but only two percent of venture capital goes to women CEOs and just 13 percent goes to a company with one woman on the senior leadership team. But women make 85 percent of consumer purchases and 80 percent of health decisions, so why isn’t there more investment in women-led businesses in the healthcare field? True Wealth Ventures partner Kerry Rupp cited the statistics above in an effort to answer the question while sitting on a “Health by Women for Women” panel at Dallas Startup Week, hosted by Health Wildcatters.… Full Story

How to Bring Innovation to the Hospital – Dallas Startup Week

Agility and security are keys to startup success in the hospital space, according to panelists at Dallas Startup Week’s healthcare discussion, “Bringing Innovation to the Hospital,” hosted by healthcare startup accelerator Health Wildcatters. The panel featured major players in North Texas’ hospital systems and discussed major opportunities, how to get in touch, and where there are gaps in the market. The panel featured Jason Ickert, division director of application services for Medical City Healthcare, Aaron Bujnowski, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Texas Health Resources, and Matt Chambers, chief information officer at Baylor Scott and White. Dallas Business… Full Story