What is Fort Worth’s Medical Innovation District?

A medical innovation district is planned for 1,200 acres south of downtown Fort Worth, with the hope of attracting healthcare business and serving as an innovation partner with the soon to open TCU and UNTHSC Medical School, Dallas Innovates reports. The area, called Near Southside, is already home to housing and restaurants as well as Cook Children’s Healthcare System, Texas Heath Harris Methodist, Baylor Scott & White, and Medical City Fort Worth. The hope is for innovative healthcare businesses to collaborate with more established entities, which already employ 30,000 people in the healthcare industry in the area. Modeled after similar districts… Full Story

Healthcare Dealmakers: The Future of Healthcare is Putting People First

For the modern healthcare company, business leaders say using technology and innovation to focus on people is essential to growth and success. The Ritz-Carleton Hotel was the home of the 2019 Healthcare Dealmakers Conference hosted by law firm Polsinelli, where a number of speakers and panels educated attendees on several aspects of the business of healthcare. “Each year, the Healthcare Dealmakers Conference serves as a critical opportunity for leading healthcare services providers to come together and discuss opportunities, as well as ways to overcome obstacles, for improving our healthcare system,” said Polsinelli Shareholder Bobby Guy, chair of the conference, via… Full Story

How to Build Women-Led Healthcare Businesses

When women lead companies, they outperform others without any female leadership, but only two percent of venture capital goes to women CEOs and just 13 percent goes to a company with one woman on the senior leadership team. But women make 85 percent of consumer purchases and 80 percent of health decisions, so why isn’t there more investment in women-led businesses in the healthcare field? True Wealth Ventures partner Kerry Rupp cited the statistics above in an effort to answer the question while sitting on a “Health by Women for Women” panel at Dallas Startup Week, hosted by Health Wildcatters.… Full Story

How to Bring Innovation to the Hospital – Dallas Startup Week

Agility and security are keys to startup success in the hospital space, according to panelists at Dallas Startup Week’s healthcare discussion, “Bringing Innovation to the Hospital,” hosted by healthcare startup accelerator Health Wildcatters. The panel featured major players in North Texas’ hospital systems and discussed major opportunities, how to get in touch, and where there are gaps in the market. The panel featured Jason Ickert, division director of application services for Medical City Healthcare, Aaron Bujnowski, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Texas Health Resources, and Matt Chambers, chief information officer at Baylor Scott and White. Dallas Business… Full Story

PCCI’s New Chief Funding and Innovation Officer

Leslie Wainwright will be the Chief Funding and Innovation Officer for the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, a nonprofit healthcare intelligence organization connected to Parkland Health and Hospital System. Wainwright has worked in the healthcare innovation field for 20 years, and most recently led the Innovation Advisor Health Sector Practice at RTI International, a nonprofit research institution. She also had executive roles at Sg2 and AVIA where she worked in innovation, and is a regular international speaker. Her time will be divided between Dallas and Chicago and her roll will be to expand the organization’s development network in North Texas and broaden the impact… Full Story

Baylor Scott and White Team up with Startup Xealth to Prescribe Everything Except Drugs

Baylor Scott and White recently became customers of Xealth, a platform that allows physicians to prescribe anything from wheelchairs to Weight Watchers, according to Geek Wire. The Seattle startup recommends services such as insulin monitors or Lyft rides based on patient data and allows users to purchase them from a variety of vendors. Xealth CEO is Mike McSherry, who had earlier success as CEO of texting technology Swype, and other investors include companies whose products services are included in the platform. Co-founder Aaron Sheedy also worked at Swype and with McSherry at Microsoft in the 1990s, according to Geek Wire.… Full Story

Medical City President Erol Akdamar on How to Make Flu Season Less Deadly

If you feel like you have been hearing more about sepsis recently, you are right. Blame the flu. Sepsis is an overwhelming response to infection that can lead to life-threatening organ failure. It’s a serious healthcare industry concern because each year, sepsis affects more than 26 million people worldwide including 270,000 American deaths, making it more deadly than breast cancer, prostate cancer and AIDS combined. Sepsis is often linked to bacterial infections, but the past two flu seasons it has made headlines as a life-threatening complication from the influenza virus. I follow the trends of sepsis on a daily basis… Full Story

When Your Belly Fat is Used to Treat Your Arthritis

A local doctor is using patients’ fat to treat their orthopedic issues, using the properties of fat to restore joint cushioning. Dr. Steven Meyers is a primary care sports medicine physician who works at Texas Health Care’s Bone and Joint Clinic in Fort Worth. After learning of the process a few years ago at national meetings, Meyers brought the regenerative medicine technique to his practice. Fat tissue has reparative capabilities, he says, including cells, proteins and hormones that help repair cushion and support in joint tissue. When patients come to the clinic complaining of any number of joint issues, from knee… Full Story

George Conklin is Making Sure Christus Health Stays Wired

Earlier this month, D CEO held its Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer Awards, recognizing the top tech business leaders in North Texas. Several of the nominees apply their innovative expertise to the healthcare field, and were kind enough to share their thoughts on everything from significant achievements to their toughest challenges. George Conklin, Chief Information Officer at Christus Health, was one of our nominees for CIO/CTO of the Year. Below are his responses to our Q and A ahead of the awards. What has been your most significant professional achievement in the past year or so? We have worked extensively to expand… Full Story

A Low-Tech Fertility Solution Goes Viral From North Texas

Having children can be one of our most beautiful, frustrating, heartbreaking, joyous, and breath-taking experiences. Medical technology has a come a long way toward both preventing and improving the chances of pregnancy, but there are still so many factors out of our control. When it comes to fertility treatments, hopeful parents have a greater ability to make pregnancy happen than ever before, but the cost is often prohibitive. One successful in-vitro pregnancy can run up to $15,000 before the mother even gets to the hospital for delivery, but Drs. Kathy and Kevin Doody at the Center for Assisted Reproduction in… Full Story