Children’s Program Aims To Cut The $172 Million Texas Spends On Asthma Hospitalizations

In 2011, the state of Texas spent $172 million on pediatric asthma hospitalizations. Of that, North Texas made up nearly a third: $53.9 million. Those numbers, provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services, indicate that there’s plenty of room for improvement: Many of those hospitalizations, says Children’s Medical Center Dallas, are avoidable. Full Story

Whole Body Cryogenic Therapy: A Secret Weapon For Recovery Or Sham Science?

Whole body cryogenic therapy is a relatively new form of recovery that involves standing in a vertical chamber for three minutes while engulfed in nitrogen vapor that can get to -250º Fahrenheit. While peer-reviewed studies are sparse, athletes, including NBA players, are singing its praises. Full Story

Smoking Will Continue To Be Snuffed Out

In the early 1990s, Delta Airlines became the first to ban smoking on flights. In 2011, Baylor Scott & White Health, then known just as the Baylor Health Care System, vowed to no longer hire nicotine users. Now, the 2014 decision by CVS to stop carrying tobacco products is another sign that cigarette smoking will continue to be snuffed out in this country. Full Story

Telemedicine Brings Much-Needed Specialty Care to Rural Hospitals

If you cannot recruit specialists to your rural hospital, the next best thing may be bringing them on board remotely. The booming industry of telemedicine is improving care in rural areas, physicians say, by improving response times and oftentimes vanishing the long drive to the closest urban center that typically accompanied care. Full Story