Health Wildcatters’ Pulse Breakfast With Kevin Cassidy of Blue Cross, Blue Shield

Health Wildcatters will feature Kevin Cassidy, president for Health Care Service Corp., which operates Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Texas, for its latest Pulse Healthcare Innovation Breakfast Series on Feb. 21. Cassidy oversees employer group business for Health Care Service Corp., which operates Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans in Texas, Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. He leads the employer group strategy, working closely with brokers, benefit consultants, and customers to build and maintain partnerships that ensure success. In June 2017, Cassidy’s team will reveal the C1 Innovation Lab in Dallas’ West End to house a new capability… Full Story

PCCI CEO Steps Down, Focuses on Sister Company; New Leader Takes Reins

PCCI appointed Steve Miff, PhD, as its new president and CEO effective Jan. 23. Miff will succeed PCCI founder Ruben Amarasingham, MD, who has led PCCI since its inception in 2012. Amarasingham also serves as CEO of Pieces Technologies, and now will focus on the Pieces Tech operation. The enterprises will continue collaborating and working closely together. Full Story

The Future Will See You Now: How Technology is Changing the Doctor’s Visit

What if hospitals prescribed pills equipped with ingestible digital sensors to track the effectiveness of the medicine? What if communications from healthcare providers were instantaneous, thanks to artificial intelligence? What if treatment and outcomes weren’t determined solely by doctors, but reinforced by predictive analytics drawing data from hundreds of sources? What if the waiting room was your living room, bedroom, or game room? What if you could order aid from a medical professional as easily as you can request an Uber car?

Welcome to the future. Full Story

An Overview of the Technology That Hopes to Redefine the Care We Receive

Today’s medical technology is on the brink of several innovations that are nothing short of breathtaking. New smaller and smarter technologies that offer the allure of both incredible costs savings and tremendous advances in patient treatment are rapidly being developed for stroke, breast cancer, imaging, and more. Full Story

Take Command Health’s $1M Raise Spurs Expansion of Dallas Startup

After landing $1 million in investment, Dallas startup Take Command Health has expanded its health insurance platform to five additional states in four months. And while it’s reaching new markets with its software that connects consumers to personalized plans, it’s gearing up for inevitable change under a new presidential administration. Full Story