D CEO Healthcare Breakfast Panel: What’s Next for Health Insurance

D CEO Healthcare Breakfast Panel: What’s next for health insurance?   The health insurance industry is one of the country’s most dynamic, complicated, and impactful. Ideas about the best way to provide healthcare are discussed everywhere from the highest echelons of government to living rooms across America. With increasing costs, changing risk and employer relationships, and new regulations, the insurance world is increasingly complex and important to employers, providers, patients, and everyone in between.   At D CEO, our Healthcare Breakfast Panels serve as an opportunity for health professionals to network, but more importantly, the panels are educational opportunities for our… Full Story

Texas Health Protocol Has Cut Opioid Use by 70 Percent

Physicians at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth are using a protocol that reduces the use of opioids after a C-section called Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. Normally, a small amount of fentanyl is used in the surgery, and opioids are prescribed every three hours after the surgery, but the new protocol uses a long lasting medication called liposomal bupivacaine, which is injected into the incision and paired with oral acetaminophen and ibuprofen. The protocol allows the physicians to stay ahead of the pain and not need opioids. Though patients still have the option of taking opioids, hospital staff says… Full Story

Village Health Partners Merges with Texas Family Medicine

Plano primary care practice Village Health Partners has merged with Texas Family Medicine, expanding VHP’s reach into Frisco. Both practices are part of the Catalyst Health Network, whose goal is to empower independent primary care physicians while providing comprehensive care. “Village Health Partners is excited for the opportunity to continue to serve the North Texas community through our merger with Texas Family Medicine,” said Village Health Partners Chief Operations Officer Patrick Figures via release. “We believe this will help bring better services to patients, drawing on the strengths of both practices.” The merger will expand the two practices’ ability to… Full Story

Medicare-for-All: The DFW Hospital Perspective

What to do about the United States’ ever-expanding medical costs has been a key issue during the presidential primary season. Medicare-for-All, Medicare-for-more, Medicare-if-you-want-it, and a bevy of other healthcare policies have been key talking points for every serious Democratic presidential candidate. Steve Love is the CEO of the DFW Hospital Council, a 90 member hospital organization that helps hospitals collaborate and advocate for initiatives they value, and he says that while the hospitals want to be politically neutral and are for increased coverage, Medicare for all is not the answer. He calls it a “cry for help.” There is a… Full Story

Texas Health’s Senior Meal Programs are Reducing Emergency Care Usage

A Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas pilot program is delivering food to seniors via Meals on Wheels and using the interaction to determine if future medical care is needed. The program, called Meals that Heal, is reducing visits to the emergency room by senior patients who have been recently discharged. The Visiting Nurses Association Meals on Wheels program volunteers deliver meals to the patients, and ask them about their condition, medication, or if they have any medical questions. The visitor follows up with the VNA social worker, who connects with Texas Health for a check up if necessary. “We have… Full Story

How Much Does it Cost to Treat Diabetes in Texas?

Diabetes treatment is becoming more frequent and more expensive, according to CDC data compiled by QuoteWizard, an insurance comparison service. The company analyzed the rise of diabetes and cost increases in insulin state by state from 2007 to 2017. The analysis found that the number of people with diabetes in Texas increased from 10.3% to 11.9% over the last 10 years, an overall 16% growth. Comparatively, the national diabetes percentage increased by 29% from 2007 to 2017. Medical costs nationwide increased 26% from 2007 to 2017, indicating that insurance premiums for diabetic treatment may likely follow the same rise. According… Full Story

Texas Health Southwest Expands Heart Attack Treatment

In an effort to serve more cardiovascular patients, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth began last month treating ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction, a potentially lethal type of heart attack. The program meets The Joint Commission criteria and is an official STEMI-Receiving Center that provides treatment 24 hours, seven days a week. Part of the criteria is measuring the door-to-balloon time, which is the time between the patient’s arrival after the attack until they receive a Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, a procedure that uses a catheter to place a stent and open up blood vessels in the heart. The American College of Cardiology… Full Story

Blood Test Identifies Those at Risk of Heart Disease, UTSW Research Finds

Researchers at UT Southwestern have found that a blood test can identify those who are in the early stages of heart disease. Patient data revealed that two biomarkers were elevated in patients who were often not receiving any treatment for hypertension. The research analyzed 13,000 patients from a variety of backgrounds, and found that one-third of adults had the elevated biomarkers and were not previously in treatment for a heart condition. Though the patients had a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes, or heart failure over the next decade, they were not aware of the risks prior to the test… Full Story

Tenet Promotes New President from Within

Saum Sutaria will be promoted from Chief Operating Officer of Tenet Healthcare Corp. to President and COO, where he will continue to run Hospital Operations while assuming responsibility for United Surgical Partners International and Conifer Health Solutions, which is becoming its own publicly traded company. “This promotion of Saum reflects my tremendous confidence in his leadership,” said CEO Ron Rittenmeyer via release. “Since joining the company as COO, Saum has demonstrated superb business judgment and greatly contributed to the improvements in our financial results over the last few quarters.” Sutaria joined Tenet in January 2019 as COO, and previously worked… Full Story

Texas Health Aetna Takes Its Network Nationwide

Texas Health Aetna’s President and Chief Operating Officer Genevieve Caruncho-Simpson says the joint venture between insurer and provider is a total cost of care solution for the region utilizing virtual care, national coverage, and other innovations to bring down healthcare costs for North Texans. The organization covers 110,000 lives, and is working to reduce the pain points that plague the medical industry. Texas Health Aetna is making significant progress against the physician shortage, an over-reliance on emergency care care, and a significant population with chronic conditions, Caruncho-Simpson says. Embracing technology has been a key to the success. THA’s Anytime-MD has been… Full Story