Which Local Medical Centers Made Newsweek’s List of Best Hospitals?

Newsweek released its list of best hospitals, and UT Southwestern Medical Center is the top hospital in Texas, ranking number 34 in the country. Baylor University Medical Center clocked in just below at number 39, and Medical City Dallas was ranked 106 in the U.S. The ranking notes the areas in which the hospitals are recognized, including neurology, pain medicine, pediatrics, and more. Newsweek worked with global market research and consumer data Stastica Inc. to rank the hospitals. Based on recommendations from medical professionals, patient surveys, and other indicators, over 1,000 hospitals were ranked worldwide. Doctors, hospital managers, and other healthcare… Full Story

When a Liver Mutation is a Good Thing

Researchers at the Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern have found that not all liver mutations are created equal. A liver mutation was previously thought to be an indicator of cancer or another disfunction, but researchers using gene sequencing have found that some adult liver mutations promote regeneration after liver damage. “Mutations that arise in normal cells are most often viewed through the lens of cancer. While certain mutations can represent steps toward the development of cancer, other mutations may actually promote tissue healing without causing cancer,” said Dr. Hao Zhu, an Associate Professor at CRI and of… Full Story

Arlington Now Has a Level II Trauma Center

Medical City Arlington is now a Level II trauma center, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services, making the 432-bed hospital the only one in Arlington with that classification. Level II is the second-highest trauma level, and must include 24-hour immediate coverage by general surgeons, as well as specialty surgeons for orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, anesthesiology, radiology, and critical care. The designation also includes continuing education, trauma prevention programs for staff and the community, and a quality assessment program. The DSHS surveys the hospital, which is also verified by the American College of Surgeons. Medical City Arlington treats 2,000… Full Story

Prism Health North Texas and Uptown Physicians Group Join Forces Against HIV

Prism Health North Texas and Uptown Physicians Group are teaming up to expand access and specialty care for those living with HIV, at risk for HIV, or other care needs. Prism Health North Texas is a nonprofit whose mission is to provide care for those living with HIV/AIDS in North Texas, and Uptown Physicians Group has been practicing for 30 years in Dallas, specializing in treatment of infectious and sexually transmitted diseases. Both locations will maintain the same location, staff and providers, as well as name and branding. PHNT has the opportunity to benefit from UPG’s expertise with health insurance and… Full Story

How to Bring Innovation to the Hospital – Dallas Startup Week

Agility and security are keys to startup success in the hospital space, according to panelists at Dallas Startup Week’s healthcare discussion, “Bringing Innovation to the Hospital,” hosted by healthcare startup accelerator Health Wildcatters. The panel featured major players in North Texas’ hospital systems and discussed major opportunities, how to get in touch, and where there are gaps in the market. The panel featured Jason Ickert, division director of application services for Medical City Healthcare, Aaron Bujnowski, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Texas Health Resources, and Matt Chambers, chief information officer at Baylor Scott and White. Dallas Business… Full Story

Blue Cross Blue Shield Weighs in on Texas Affordable Care Act Ruling

Late last year, a Texas judge ruled the Affordable Care Act to be unconstitutional, but Blue Cross Blue Shield is siding with the act.  Because the tax on the individual mandate had been removed, Texas argued that the law is an unjust use of Congressional power. The Texas judge found the individual mandate to be an essential part of the ACA, so he ruled the entire act (not just the mandate), to be unconstitutional. If it wins on appeal, the ruling would remove coverage for millions of Americans who received insurance through the Medicare expansion and private insurance subsidies. The… Full Story

Smart Health and Wellness Opens Legacy-Plano Location

Smart Health and Wellness Centers has opened in Plano, uniting primary care, psychiatry, and neurology providers in a collaborative medical team. The site is the largest of Smart Health’s three locations. The new construction will be a free-standing, single story, 10,000-square-foot medical clinic with wings for exam rooms, psychiatric rooms, and advanced Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy. There will also be therapy spaces for individuals, families, and groups. The location also has a nephrology lab and electroencephalogram testing. Smart Health and Wellness Centers was founded in 2016 and was originally known as Bent Tree Health Professionals, a psychiatric practice. The facility allow psychiatric… Full Story

Can a Coalition of Local Cities Bring Price Transparency and Consistency to Healthcare?

Estimates say around $40 billion every year is spent on healthcare in Dallas-Fort Worth, and as prices continue to increase, all entities are looking for ways to bring down costs. A coalition of 30 cities and the greater DFW area came together in 2015 to form the North Texas Coalition to bring more transparency, sustainability, and predictability to the healthcare market. The coalition hopes to use strength in numbers to get bids directly from regional hospital systems for healthcare services. Some members of the coalition have seen dividends from this strategy. Fort Worth saved $19 million in healthcare spending in… Full Story

Expert Opinion: How to Fix the Cost of Care Dilemma

Like most Americans, I am worried about the rising cost of healthcare, but the terrible news is that the real healthcare cost problem hasn’t even arrived yet. And like many people, I’m tired of our health insurance premiums going up. As a business owner, for the last few years I’ve had to make the tough decision of raising premiums on our employees, increasing deductibles, or having our company absorb the increase. Unfortunately, our company’s health premiums have gone up an average of 17% each of the last four years while maintaining the same benefit plan. A 87% increase in insurance… Full Story

PCCI’s New Chief Funding and Innovation Officer

Leslie Wainwright will be the Chief Funding and Innovation Officer for the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, a nonprofit healthcare intelligence organization connected to Parkland Health and Hospital System. Wainwright has worked in the healthcare innovation field for 20 years, and most recently led the Innovation Advisor Health Sector Practice at RTI International, a nonprofit research institution. She also had executive roles at Sg2 and AVIA where she worked in innovation, and is a regular international speaker. Her time will be divided between Dallas and Chicago and her roll will be to expand the organization’s development network in North Texas and broaden the impact… Full Story