Bringing the Free Market to Dallas Healthcare

At the Free Market Medical Association conference earlier this spring, Johns Hopkins surgeon Dr. Martin Makary showed the crowd a chart about how prices for different items has changed since 1998. Housing, childcare, and wages were up significantly, while cars and clothing had remained mostly static. Toys, televisions, and cell phone service were much lower than 20 years ago. But the items with the largest jumps, around 200 percent more expensive than 20 years ago, are hospital services and college tuition. Makary, best-selling author of The Price We Pay about how employers and families can lower healthcare costs, went on to… Full Story

Baylor Scott and White Health Named Employer of Excellence by PA Group

The American Academy of Physicians Assistant’s Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management named Baylor Scott and White Health an Employer of Excellence, joining Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and others as the first healthcare organization in Texas to receive the honor. The award honors organizations that uphold five principles for PAs: Establishing a supportive culture, providing opportunities for impacting the organization, informing about organizational activity, giving leadership opportunities, and managing conflict. The center noted Baylor’s Advanced Practice Professional Council to work on onboarding and retention for PAs and leadership classes for up-and-coming leaders in the system. “Advanced practice professionals… Full Story

Why Providers Need to be Familiar with Lyme Disease

When I first felt the sharp stab of pain between my shoulder blades in the fall of 2017, I wasn’t worried. Why should I be? I was a healthy, active, 26-year-old woman who’d never broken a bone, never been hospitalized, and hardly ever taken any medication. Surely this unexpected pain was nothing more than a mild strain that would resolve itself within a day or so. I slapped a heating pad on my back, took an Advil, and went about my day. I should have been worried. The pain in my back did not disappear. A few weeks later, a… Full Story

Two Garland Physicians Suspended by the Texas Medical Board

Garland physicians Dr. Leovares Antonio Mendez and Dr. Cesar B. Pena-Rodriguez have both been temporarily suspended without notice, as the Texas Medical Board has decided their practice threatens public welfare. The U.S. District Court in Dallas issued a temporary restraining order against Mendez and Pena Rodriguez after finding out that they distributed controlled substances through fraudulent prescriptions to law enforcement between May 2017 and March 2018. Between 2014 and 2019, Mendez handed out other false prescriptions for a variety of schedule II, III, IV, and V controlled substances without any medical purpose. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported earlier this month… Full Story

Expansion of Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery in North Texas

As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services considers expanding transcatheter aortic valve replacement, a minimally invasive heart surgery, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine authored by the Baylor Scott and White Plano Heart Hospital’s Dr. Michael Mack shows that results improve as TAVR centers increase surgery volume. TAVR involves inserting a collapsed valve through an artery near the hip and expanding it once it is in place in the aorta, and is becoming more common because of its reduced recovery time and risk compared to open heart surgery. The surgery was first used for older, more fragile… Full Story

Barber Shops, Baylor, and CitySquare are Fighting Health System Stigma

Clippin Crownz 4Christ, Jay Vee Burberry’s shop next to the Forest Theater in South Dallas, is decked out with Dallas Cowboys gear and the plaid pattern that shares his last name. Burberry used to be homeless, but with the help of a nearby nonprofit he was able to start his own business. Every fourth Monday he can be found cutting hair for free at his shop, paying forward his good fortune.  In addition to his services for the homeless, Burberry is one of several barbers in mostly black South Dallas who have partnered with Baylor Scott & White and CitySquare… Full Story

Study: Texas Ranks Dead Last in Nursing Home Quality

Texas ranks 40th in senior health according to the United Health Foundation’s 2019 America’s Health Rankings Senior Report, and scores dead last when it comes to the availability of quality nursing homes. Texas has a low smoking rate that puts it in the top 10 in the country, but still ranks low for obesity and physical activity for the health of its seniors. The number of seniors has grown 45 percent since 2000, and more than 50 million seniors are living in the United States today.  Texas improved one spot since last year, but has hovered around 40th in the country for… Full Story

What is Fort Worth’s Medical Innovation District?

A medical innovation district is planned for 1,200 acres south of downtown Fort Worth, with the hope of attracting healthcare business and serving as an innovation partner with the soon to open TCU and UNTHSC Medical School, Dallas Innovates reports. The area, called Near Southside, is already home to housing and restaurants as well as Cook Children’s Healthcare System, Texas Heath Harris Methodist, Baylor Scott & White, and Medical City Fort Worth. The hope is for innovative healthcare businesses to collaborate with more established entities, which already employ 30,000 people in the healthcare industry in the area. Modeled after similar districts… Full Story

CEO Named for Future Texas Health Hospital Mansfield

Kenneth Rose will be president and CEO for Texas Health Hospital Mansfield when the hospital opens in 2020. Rose is currently the vice president of ancillary services at Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South. The new campus is a joint venture between AdventHealth, a nonprofit health system headquartered in Florida, and Texas Health Resources. “AdventHealth and Texas Health Resources have enjoyed a very successful partnership through our joint venture facility, Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South, and look forward to opening Texas Health Hospital Mansfield next year. Kenneth has a strong commitment to providing clinically excellent, consumer-centric, faith-based health care… Full Story

Baylor Scott and White’s Mixed Financial Report

As first reported in Becker’s Hospital Review, Baylor Scott and White’s operating income jumped 18.4 percent from last year, but its net income was down 14.9 percent from a year prior according to unaudited financial documents. The net income loss is a continuation of a trend from earlier this year, when market volatility took a chunk out of Baylor’s net income despite operating income growth. In the 9 months prior to March 31, the North Texas nonprofit system reported an operating income of $584.3 million, up from $493.5 million the year before. Baylor’s operating revenue grew to $7.4 billion for… Full Story