Olympic Hopeful Sues Cooper Concepts over Multivitamin with Banned Substance

Former University of Texas All-American swimmer Madisyn Cox is suing a company connected to Cooper Clinic after a banned substance was found in her system, resulting in her suspension by the Olympic affiliate for water sports, Dallas Morning News reports. Cox says the multi-vitamin contained trimetazidine, a banned substance that is not approved for sale in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration, DMN reports. A lab accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency found the substance in the vitamin she was taking. Though she was cleared to swim in 2018, Cox says the damage was done in the two year… Full Story

Senderra Rx is More Than a Pharmacy

The world of specialty pharmacy can be a tangled mess of prior authorization, medication adherence, and high cost medicines for patients who are often severely impacted if all the right medicine doesn’t arrive on time. Here in Dallas, Senderra Rx works to provide so much more to patients than their medicines. They created an online platform to follow patients, track their progress, keep them out of the hospital, and provide support for the patients taking the medicine and the physicians who describe them. Senderra Chairman Win Purifoy entered into the specialty pharmacy business less than a decade ago, but has… Full Story

Expert Opinion: Four Steps to Reduce Workplace Stress

As a manager or leader, the well-being of your staff should be of utmost importance. Workplace stress is detrimental to the overall health and productivity of employees. In recognition of April being National Stress Awareness Month, the following strategies help foster a reduced-stress environment with engaged employees. Understand the Negative Effects of Stress A 2012 study that monitored about 22,000 women over the course of 10 years showed that work-related stress significantly increased the risk of cardiovascular disease. The long hours associated with high-stress jobs present further health problems, which was shown in another study: “Employees who work long hours… Full Story

Surprise Billing Legislation Passes Texas Senate with Arbitration Provision

The momentum behind balance billing legislation in Austin is growing, as the Texas Senate has passed SB 1264 29-2 on Tuesday to further prevent surprise billing in Texas. The Texas Tribune reports that the only dissenting votes were physician Republican senators Donna Campbell of New Braunfels and Sen. Charles Schwertner of Georgetown. A bipartisan, bicameral press conference announced an agreement for a bill that is making its way through the Texas Senate this week. The bill is similar to what has been written about before, but a new provision gives the Texas Department of Insurance more power to settle surprise bills, and the Texas Hospital… Full Story

Meet Baylor Scott and White Health System’s New Chief Financial Officer

Penny Cermak is Baylor Scott and White’s new executive vice president and system chief financial officer after being promoted from within the organization. Cermak joined Baylor Scott and White in 2012 and has served in several leadership roles, including senior vice president of financial services, CFO of Central Texas, and was most recently CFO os hospitals, clinics, research, education, foundations, joint ventures, debt, and the Baylor Scott and White Quality Alliance. Prior to the merger between Baylor and Scott and White in 2013, she worked to integrate financial systems and processes and helped standardize operational and financial practices. Her work… Full Story

THR Awards $5.2 Million to Address Social Determinants of Health

In Johnson County, the suicide rate for seniors is 25 percent above the Texas average, but a grant from Texas Health Resources is working to help isolated seniors. THR will be distributing $5.2 million worth of community impact grants all across North Texas to address everything from depression to food scarcity. The initiative is called Texas Health Community Impact and focuses on specific ZIP codes where chronic disease and premature death are more common, and partners with agencies in education, healthcare, and government. The funds will be directed toward 12 agencies across five geographic regions made up of 401 ZIP codes… Full Story

The Potential Impact of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Medical Centers

Last week, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas announced its entry into the provider space with 10 clinics opening near Dallas and Houston next year. The clinics will include primary care, urgent care, lab and diagnostic imaging services, care coordination, and wellness and disease management programs, and were framed as part of the insurer’s desire to advance value-based care in the medical space – but other providers see the clinics as direct competition. Value-based care is growing in popularity as the industry transitions away from fee-for service, where providers are paid based on the number of procedures or tests that… Full Story

Meet the New Senior Executive Officer at Southwestern Health Resources

Southwestern Health Resources Clinically Integrated Network’s new senior executive officer will be Dr. Andrew Ziskind. The organization serves the healthcare needs of more than 900,000 people across 16 counties in North Texas and includes a 4,000 physician network through its accountable care organization. Southwestern Health Resources was founded in 2015 as a partnership between UT Southwestern and Texas Health Resources and includes 29 hospitals in the region. The network saved $70 million in Medicare spending in 2017, and was the top ranked organization in the country for Medicare savings. “By focusing on innovative strategies that maximize efficient and effective use… Full Story

New Cath Labs at Texas Health Dallas Will Aid Cardiogenic Shock

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas has two new lab suites to care for patients with cardiovascular illnesses. The $7 million addition will include a cardiac catheterization lab and electrophysiology lab, and bring the total to four cath labs and two EP labs. The labs will aid in diagnostics, interventional procedures, implantable devices, and specific heart measurements around the electrical disruption of the heart. Cardiologists, vascular surgeons, and electrophysiologists at Texas Health Dallas will utilize the labs as the hospital participates in the National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative, which emphasize the placement of the mechanical heart pump and early identification of cardiogenic… Full Story

Tiger Woods’ Masters Victory Aided by Plano’s Texas Back Institute

In one of the greatest sports comebacks in recent memory, Tiger Woods became the second oldest player to win the Masters this weekend. With eleven years since his last major win and 14 since he last put on the green jacket at Augusta, the embattled former champion overcame a DUI, plenty of media shaming, and significant injury woes to win his fifth Masters this weekend. His return to form included many starts and stops and took him through North Texas when he received surgery at the Texas Back Institute. In 2017, the Dallas Morning News wrote a piece about Dr.… Full Story