$18 Billion Settlement Talks for McKesson and Other Opioid Distributors

McKesson Corp. and other drug distributors are in talks with state attorneys general to settle all opioid disputes with $18 billion over 18 years, the Wall Street Journal reported this week. McKesson and other pharmaceutical and drug distribution companies have been named in a number of lawsuits all over the country, with states and municipalities claiming the companies didn’t control the shipment of the addictive pain pills that have led to a health epidemic nationwide, with tens of thousands of overdoses each year. The companies have already settled several of these lawsuits, and a nationwide deal would simplify the legal maneuvering and… Full Story

UT Arlington Research to Avoid Medication-Related Harm

Research at the University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation is aiming to reduce the use of medications and avoid medication-related harm, which cause 700,000 emergency room visits and 100,000 hospitalizations a year. A team led by professor of nursing Yan Xiao has earned a $2.5 million grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in the Department of Health and Human Services to conduct interviews and focus groups with patients and healthcare professionals all over the country and use UTA’s Smart Hospital to run simulations of interventions. A multidisciplinary team of specialists in geriatric nursing,… Full Story

CourMed Now Has Next-Day Delivery of Healthcare Items in DFW

Pharmacies and patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will now have a new option for accessing their medications and healthcare items through CourMed‘s next-day delivery. Items such as prescription medications, premium vitamins and supplements, as well as eyewear and some natural medicines will now be available for delivery directly to the patient’s home or workplace. CourMed deliveries are made through a web of crowdsourced drivers, and pharmacy patients can expect their orders by the next day, sometimes even within a couple of hours, and at no extra cost to them. The pharmacies will foot the tab for delivery while expanding… Full Story

Avoiding Hospitals When Administering Specialty Drugs Could Save $4 Billion

A new research brief conducted by UnitedHealth Group found that patients who receive specialty drugs may save significant costs on healthcare if they switch their drug infusions from hospitals to private physician offices or homes. The research finds that a total of $4 billion could be saved each year if specialty drugs were administered in physician offices or homes instead of hospital outpatient settings. Patients and employers could save an estimated $250 billion between 2020 and 2029 if hospital price increases simply slowed to physician price increase levels. UnitedHealth Group focused on the top five health conditions that make up… Full Story

How Three North Texas Docs Allegedly Defrauded the Federal Government

Three local physicians are caught up in the 58-person health care fraud indictment across the state of Texas for their relationships with marketing companies and compounding pharmacies. The charges say the doctors received kickbacks for writing prescriptions for patients covered by the Department of Defense health care program even though the doctors never saw the patients. Dallas has been a frequent target for health fraud investigations, and the region is coming off another kickback/marketing scheme in the Forest Park trial this winter. Dallas is one of the more expensive cities in the country to receive healthcare, and is a hotbed… Full Story

CareFlite Cut Prescription Spending by 40 Percent – Here’s How

CareFlite is used to saving lives in the most dire of situations, but the Grand Prairie nonprofit has also been saving on their healthcare spend. By focusing on prescription drugs, the company has saved hundreds of thousands each year on prescriptions alone. Prescriptions can represent 18 to 23 percent of total healthcare spending for companies, even though only a few years ago the took up only 10 percent of healthcare spending. In 2016, CareFlite spent $863,000 on prescriptions alone for its 660 employees. But three years ago, partially-insured CareFlite moved to an independent pharmacy benefit manager with the help of… Full Story

Local Infusion Software Company Expands in Pennsylvania

Dallas and Austin-based software start-up WeInfuse has expanded its client base to the Infusion Center of Pennsylvania, an independent, multi-specialty infusion center with two locations in Southeastern Pennsylvania. WeInfuse manages the workflow of infusions centers, adding data analytics, medication inventory management, and space optimization for a number of centers that treat immune disorders all over the country. The software has been used at over 100 infusion centers and has supported 65,000 infusion treatments. “We provide superior service to our patients, and expect the same from our vendors,” said ICPA’s COO, Phil Weber via release. “We think every infusion center in… Full Story

A North Texas Partnership to Fight Chronic Pain with Ketamine

Principal Spine and Pain Consultants have partnered with Kalypso Wellness Centers to bring ketamine infusion therapies to North Texas to fight chronic pain. According to the CDC, 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain and depression affects about 16 million American adults every year. Ketamine has a long history of being used in the operating room during surgery and has been included on the World Health Organization’s most essential medicines. More recent studies show that ketamine can treat depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, pain, inflammation as well as migraines and headaches. Ketamine works to counteract these health issues by working on several… Full Story

The Federal Suit Against Medoc’s Alleged Fraud Scheme

After the FBI raided the Medoc Health Services offices last year, the federal government is pursuing a lawsuit against the Dallas-based pharmacy services provider for false claims and kickbacks. The claim alleges that Medoc received around $2 million from North Texas pharmacies for sending prescriptions their way through affiliated physicians. Shawn Shinneman wrote about the original scandal after he was contacted by employees ready to describe the impropriety. You can read the most recent update over on D Magazine’s site. Check it out here.

McKesson Named in Nationwide Opioid Lawsuit

McKesson Corp. has been named in a Cleveland lawsuit against many of the largest players in the pharmaceutical industry, the Washington Post reports. The filing describes the drug companies as solely focused on profits at the cost of the damage done to country by opioids. The companies say they should not be charged with second guessing the expertise of doctors who prescribe the pills. The case consolidates claims from around the country, and because of documents released by a three judge panel last week, the direction and quantity of drugs is better able to be tracked between manufacturers, distributors, and… Full Story