Dallas Physician Recruiter Says It’s Getting More Requests For Specialists, Less For Primary Care

Dallas-based physician search firm Merritt Hawkins says medical groups and healthcare facilities are increasingly asking for help in recruiting specialists, while demand for primary care physicians, although it remains strong, has lowered. Abut 74 percent of the firm’s searches over the last year were for specialists, up from 67 percent three years ago, Merritt Hawkins said in a new study out Tuesday. Meanwhile, searches for primary care physicians—a group made up of family doctors, internists, and pediatricians—fell by 32 percent over the same period and by 19 percent during the last 12 months. Merritt Hawkins looked at the period of… Full Story

The Story Of A Dallas Doctor And A Brain In A Bucket

I know I’ve already pointed you toward one big ol’ magazine story today, and I know you don’t have time to sit around reading 5,000-word story after 5,000-word story, but if I may, this is another you’ll want to store away until the next time you can dive in (maybe now!). Written by Jessica Pishko, it is the tale of a brain that came from a cadaver at UT Southwestern Medical Center, perhaps not under correct protocols, and allowed a doctor here in Dallas to strengthen his testimony in a New Zealand murder case. The verdict came back guilty. That’s… Full Story

North Texas Docs Push For A Change In The Mainstream Approach to Fibroids Treatment

Uterine fibroids, non-cancerous muscle tumors in the uterus, affect most American women at some point in their lives. While the majority of cases aren’t symptomatic and therefore don’t require treatment, around 20-25 percent include heavy menstrual bleeding, intense pain, or frequent urination. But as one of the most common health issues for women, and more commonly African American women, the treatment options offered to patients are sometimes more limited—and life-altering—than they should be, say a couple of North Texas physicians. The National Institute of Health cites over 200,000 hysterectomies performed on fibroids each year, a procedure that involves the removal… Full Story

Conversation With: Dr. Robert Fine, BSWH’s Palliative Care Whiz, On How Honest Conversations Can Save Hospitals Money

Dr. Robert Fine, the Baylor Scott & White Health physician who has become one of the pioneers in the still-relatively-new field of palliative care, has a new study out about its cost-saving effects. Published in JAMA Internal Medicine, Fine and others looked at the economics of palliative care for hospitalized adults with serious illnesses. The findings, in a nutshell: palliative care saves hospitals money—about $3,000 per patient. I got Fine on the phone to tell me more. You just published a study on the economics of palliative care. What’d you find? This was a meta-analysis, a pooling of a lot… Full Story

Meet The 2018 Winner Of The Most Prestigious Accolade A UT Southwestern Student Can Receive

Philip Tolley’s journey to medicine began with a broken collarbone. After injuring it while playing football in high school, Tolley’s interest in becoming a doctor piqued as he experienced the long recovery process. “That forced me to be see the medical side of it,” Tolley says, “and made me realize that I wanted to be a part of that.” Last month, Dr. Tolley accepted the Ho Din Award, the most prestigious accolade a UT Southwestern Medical Center student can receive. Recipients represent the “ideal physician,” who demonstrates academic excellence and compassion within their communities. Tolley will receive the award—given out… Full Story

BUMC Transplant Surgeon Joins Southwest Transplant Alliance as Associate Medical Director

The Southwest Transplant Alliance snapped up a former Baylor University Medical Center Surgeon to serve on its organ procurement team. Dr. Tiffany Anthony will be Dallas-based STA’s associate medical director and an organ procurement surgeon. She specialized in liver and kidney transplants as a transplant and hepatobiliary surgeon for a decade at BUMC. She also directed the robotic donor nephrectomy program for living kidney donors and was involved in the landmark uterus transplant clinical trial. Anthony did medical school and her general surgery residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. She has fellowships from Yale… Full Story

Medical City, UNTHSC To Add 500 Residencies Over Seven Years

Medical City Healthcare and the UNT Health Science Center are partnering to create 500 residency positions, the two sides announced on Monday. The positions will help UNTHSC appease regulators over residency requirements as it seeks accreditation for its new medical school, a partnership with Texas Christian University. The residencies—and regulators’ requirements—address the physician shortage in Texas, a topic of increasing conversation in recent years. “As we continue to add more medical schools, there’s a need to grow more residency training slots in Texas,” says Dr. Michael Williams, UNTHSC’s president. The 500 resident positions will be developed over the next seven… Full Story

Friends and Mentees Reflect on the Legacy of Dr. Donald Seldin, the “Intellectual Father” of UTSW

After graduating from medical school at UT Southwestern Medical Center at the age of 21, and then returning after a stint at the National Institute of Health, Dr. Jean Wilson found himself a 24-year-old professor preparing the year’s first formal lecture to the junior students, on genetic diseases. He’d prepared for something like 50 hours. This was the early 1960s, and five minutes in, right down the middle of the aisle walked the great Don Seldin. Within a few minutes of that, Dr. Seldin, now sitting in the front row, blatantly pinched his nose, alerting to his displeasure. Then, he… Full Story

Dr. Donald Seldin, Known as the ‘Intellectual Father’ of UT Southwestern, Dies at Age 97

UT Southwestern Medical Center broke the news Wednesday afternoon that Dr. Donald Seldin, who joined the med school in 1951 and became its “intellectual father, helping build it into what it is today, has died at the age of 97. Seldin spent 36 years as chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine. He was one of the most influential medical figures in Dallas history, and the subject of a 2013 D Magazine feature by Michael Mooney that had a title declaring as much. A taste of that story, called “The Father of Dallas Medicine”: In January 1951, at the age of… Full Story

TMB Suspends Former Baylor Scott & White Doctor Fired After Allegedly Having Child Porn in Desk

The Texas Medical Board on Monday suspended the license of Dr. John Middlemiss Palmer, a former physician at Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Hospital in Temple. Palmer, 55, a pediatric pulmonologist, was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography by the Texas Attorney General’s Child Exploitation Unit. In a news release Friday, the AG’s office said authorities found images of child pornography on a digital storage device during a search of Palmer’s office. The search followed a discovery that child pornography had been uploaded to an online storage account Palmer used, the release said. Palmer denied involvement. Baylor… Full Story