Checking In On The First Joint Healthcare Campus From the Texas Health, UTSW Partnership

The alliance between Texas Health Resources and UT Southwestern Medical Center is moving toward a new milestone. The two sides have a $270 million collaborative hospital and medical office building in the works in Frisco, the first facilities resulting from the partnership known as Southwestern Health Resources. It’ll be jointly owned and operated. Construction on the complex started last summer. On Tuesday, the two sides invited people out to mark the halfway point. When all is said and done, in one chunk of land at Cobb Hill and North Dallas Tollway will be: Texas Health Hospital Frisco, a 325,000 square… Full Story

UT Southwestern Develops System To Identify Genetic Anomalies Connected To Cancer

Doctors at UT Southwestern Medical Center have developed a system to identify genetic anomalies connected with a childhood cancer, a step toward developing treatment as well as discovering genetic influences on other cancers. The exact role the anomalies play in contributing to the cancer is still hazy, but UT Southwestern says the experimental system can help researchers begin to decipher the meaning. The process involves predicting which genes might be associated with the cancer using Bayesian inference, a statistical technique for measuring probability, and verifying these predictions by isolating genes through Crispr-Cas9, a gene-editing tool. After analyzing data from 290… Full Story

UT Southwestern Immunologist Receives $300,000 Research Grant

Dr. Tiffany Reese, a UT Southwestern Medical Center immunologist, received the Pew Scholar award in Biomedical Sciences to investigate maternal inflammation during pregnancy and how it alters the immunity of the developing fetus. Funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Scholars Program, the award allows Reese a 4-year grant for $300,000 to conduct her studies as one of 22 recipients chosen across the country. The program is targeted toward early-career scientists tackling some of the world’s most pressing health problems. “These awards are very difficult to get and I know there’s a lot of stiff competition out there, so I was… Full Story

The Story Of A Dallas Doctor And A Brain In A Bucket

I know I’ve already pointed you toward one big ol’ magazine story today, and I know you don’t have time to sit around reading 5,000-word story after 5,000-word story, but if I may, this is another you’ll want to store away until the next time you can dive in (maybe now!). Written by Jessica Pishko, it is the tale of a brain that came from a cadaver at UT Southwestern Medical Center, perhaps not under correct protocols, and allowed a doctor here in Dallas to strengthen his testimony in a New Zealand murder case. The verdict came back guilty. That’s… Full Story

New Research Says Discouraging Continuity Of Care Could Be A Mistake

These days, thanks to the intertwined factors of regulation and consolidation, long-lasting patient-physician relationships are fewer and farther between. But recently, a few researchers have set out to quantify the positive effects of care continuity. One of those researchers is right here in Dallas. Southern Methodist University’s Vishal Ahuja, an assistant professor of operations management, looked at a massive swath of Veterans Affairs data related to Diabetes patients. He analyzed how care continuity—in other words, long-term relationships between patients and doctors—impacted hospitalizations, length of stay, and 30-day readmissions. “In all three cases, what I found was: the better the care… Full Story

UT Southwestern Tops List For High-Quality Research Output

UT Southwestern Medical Center sits atop a new Nature Index list for high-quality research output among academic medical centers. Dallas-based UT Southwestern tops Columbia University Medical Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, which come in at No. 2 and No. 3 on the list, respectively. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston sits at No. 7. The Nature Index is a product of the scientific journal Nature, and it looks at research article output among 82 high-quality science journals (which are chosen by a panel of scientists that are independent of Nature). The index’s top 100… Full Story

UT Southwestern Geneticist Adds Another To Her List of Honors, Wins Prestigious Cardiovascular Research Award

Dr. Helen Hobbs is no stranger to the web pages of D CEO Healthcare, having won a couple awards over the last few years that have prompted our coverage. Last week, the UT Southwestern geneticist added another, as Hobbs was awarded the 2018 Grand Prix Scientifique from the Institut de France for her research that led to a new class of cholesterol drugs. The Grand Prix Scientifique is considered one of the largest awards for scientific achievement as well as one of the most prestigious prizes in cardiovascular research, according to UT Southwestern. She will share a prize of 600,000… Full Story

Reproductive Health Center Opens First North Texas Locations

The Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine is moving into the North Texas market through a partnership with the Frisco Institute for Reproductive Medicine. CCRM is known for its advances in fertility research, as Dallas Innovates reports. It will have two office locations, one in Dallas and one in Frisco. Dallas Innovates’ Meredith McGrath writes: CCRM was founded by Dr. William Schoolcraft in 1987 and operates 10 other fertility centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, including one in Houston. The new facility includes an on-site clinic, surgery center, in vitro fertilization laboratory, and clinical laboratory and will offer services including in… Full Story

The Latest In the Houston Chron and ProPublica’s St. Luke’s Exposé Is An Investigation Of A Celebrated Heart Surgeon

The Houston Chronicle and ProPublica have been releasing a piece-by-piece dive into the heart transplant program at Houston-based Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center. A previous slice found that the program’s survival rates have been slipping (I compared them to Dallas-Fort Worth programs here). The latest brings us closer to Dr. O.H. “Bud” Frazier, the celebrated heart surgeon who held roles as chief of the heart transplant teams at St. Luke’s and its research partner, Texas Heart Institute, and has been on a quest to build a mechanical heart. The investigation finds that about half of the medicare patients who received an… Full Story

Texas Health Resources Gives Clinical Scholar Award to UTSW Cardiologist

A cardiologist from UT Southwestern Medical Center has been named the most recent Texas Health Resources Clinical Scholar. Dr. Ambarish Pandey will put the $750,000 career development award toward developing novel approaches to prevent heart failure and improve heart failure outcomes at a health system level. “We hope to develop and evaluate a screening strategy that may be integrated with the electronic health record system to identify individuals at high risk of heart failure, particularly heart failure with preserved ejection fraction,” Dr. Pandey said in a statement. “We also aim to evaluate a home-based cardiac rehabilitation program to target these… Full Story