Pieces Technologies Raises $25.7 Million in Effort to Address Social Determinants of Health

Healthcare artificial intelligence and technology company Pieces Technologies has raised $25.7 million in funding from healthcare-focused investment firm Concord Health. The company developed platforms to address the social determinants of health and power clinical analytics, helping connect providers with community service providers. Clients include hospitals, health systems, community clinics, food banks, job assistance, and educational services. The technology analyzes real-time patient information to connect health systems with community organizations to improve patient outcomes. The technology has enabled a half-day reduction in hospital stays and a reduction in readmissions to the hospital where it has been deployed, which include Children’s Health… Full Story

Medical City Fort Worth Reduces Radiation Exposure in Heart Patients

Medical City Fort Worth is implementing a new device to reduce radiation exposure for heart arrhythmia patients. With this device, X-ray imaging won’t be the only method available for physicians to visualize and treat heart arrhythmias. Medical City Fort Worth is the only hospital utilizing this new technology in Fort Worth. It provides surgeons with a 3D image to clearly see the heart’s anatomy without solely relying on X-ray radiation. The device also helps electrophysiologists position the catheter used to treat abnormal electric signals in the heart. The innovation is part of Medical City Healthcare’s Radiation Right program, which is meant… Full Story

How to Change the Infusion Center Game

With increasing medical costs nationwide, businesses are looking to squeeze efficiency out of every aspect of their industry, and infusion centers are a market where the fragmented market has caused inefficiencies. Infusion centers are a $30 billion dollar industry that serve a patient population of 50 million people, many of whom have an autoimmune disease. Part of the inefficiency comes from infusion centers not being utilized as affectively as they could. Coordinating scheduling, keeping track of medication, and running the back office of an infusion center can be a tall task because of the constantly shifting nature of the patients… Full Story

The Top Killer No One is Talking About, and the Executive Order that Could Help

Chronic kidney disease kills more people than breast or prostate cancer each year, but you won’t see NFL players wearing socks and gloves to increase awareness, or massive fun runs raising money to treat it. According to the National Kidney Foundation, 37 million people in the U.S., or 15 percent of adults, are impacted by CKD, and around 90 percent of those with the disease don’t even know they have it. The costs of kidney disease are unsustainable. Medicare paid $114 billion for people with all stages of renal disease in 2016, which was nearly 20 percent of all Medicare spending… Full Story

Medical Innovators: Nominate Your Brightest for The Innovation Awards

The medical industry is one of the key drivers of innovation worldwide, and Dallas is no stranger to medical ingenuity. From virtual reality advancements to data analytics, DFW is full of companies and organizations on the leading edge of the medical field. Here is your chance to be recognized. Past years have seen the success of D CEO’s CIO/CTO Awards program, and this year we invite the medical community to take part in The Innovation Awards, presented by D CEO magazine and Dallas Innovates. This program honors CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, entrepreneurs, and other leaders driving innovation in North Texas. Dallas Innovates is a collaboration of… Full Story

Treating Drug Addiction with Magnetic Therapy in Dallas

Prescription drug addiction is an issue that has gripped the headlines for several years, but treating the issue has proven to be difficult, time consuming, and costly. One issue is that most programs apply identical methods of care to all patients regardless of one’s individual psychiatric issues. Dallas based- Enterhealth is the first addiction treatment center in North Texas to adopt Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRT), which provides a personalized approach utilizing a combination of individual physiotherapy, non-addictive psychiatric medications, and other stress management tools to optimize the brain function within four to eight weeks of treatment. Each patient presents a different… Full Story

Check Out the Next Cohort of Health Wildcatters Innovators

Healthcare accelerator Health Wildcatters announced eight new start-ups for its fall cohort, including companies that make reusable modular catheters and a product that address the social-emotional health for kids. “We have an interesting variety of startups in this year’s cohort,” said Health Wildcatters CEO, Dr. Hubert Zajicek, via release. “In previous years we’ve seen trends where more medical devices or health IT would participate. This year we have diagnostics, medical devices, telehealth and digital health companies participating, and the founders are extremely diverse in age and background as well.” Health Wildcatters has raised $70 million over the last six years… Full Story

Avoiding Pre-Term Birth with Text Messages in Dallas

It is good business to engage with consumers, but when it comes to healthcare, engagement may be a matter of life and death. Texas’ maternal mortality rate has been debated a good deal in recent years, but nearly everyone agrees that it is much too high, especially for women of color. At the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, data analytics and technology are improving outcomes for underserved pregnant women in Dallas. One significant way to reduce maternal and infant mortality is to avoid pre-term birth, and in 2017, Texas had a 10.4 percent pre-term birth rate – earning a D… Full Story

PCCI Joins Federal Effort to Fight Kidney Disease

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced earlier this month that the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation will be contributing its capabilities to support the “Advancing American Kidney Health Initiative.” Nearly 100,000 Americans are waiting on the list to receive a kidney transplant, with kidney disease ranking as the ninth leading cause of death in America, costing Medicare $114 billion a year. PCCI is focused on improving healthcare for vulnerable populations by using advance data science and clinical experts and will now advance efforts to learn more about kidney health. With 37 million patients suffering from chronic kidney… Full Story

CMS Names Vizient and Parkland Nonprofit Top Contractors

Vizient and the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation have been chosen by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as a Prime awardee of the Network of Quality Improvement and Innovation Contractor for their ability to improve healthcare quality. The designation means PCCI and Vizient can bid on CMS Task Orders over the next five years. The two organizations will serve as innovative quality improvement experts and agents for healthcare transformation. They may provide technical assistance in a variety of segments of the industry, obtain commitments from various stakeholders, team up with patients and families about improved outcomes, and assist providers in obtaining… Full Story