Rural Physician Recruiting: What Administrators Are Missing

Hospital administrators are missing the mark when it comes to recruiting physicians to rural markets, prioritizing salary over other elements that physicians feel is more important. Nationwide, 11 percent of physicians live near 20 percent of the country’s population in rural areas, highlighting the shortage. With Texas on the forefront of rural hospital struggles, the study from Jackson Physician Search highlights why some organizations might have trouble recruiting talent. Only 28 percent of physicians rank compensation as the top priority when considering working in rural communities, but 40 percent of hospital administrators think it is the most important factor. The study… Full Story

Local Physician Named to American Board of Internal Medicine

Dr. Nagendra Gupta has been appointed to the American Board of International Medicine’s (ABIM) Internal Medicine Board. Specialty Board members work with physicians and medical societies to develop Board Certification and Maintenance Certification credentials recognizing physicians for their commitment to staying within their current field. The Board consists of a diverse range of practice types and members who provide multiple perspectives on patient care. Dr. Gupta is a Board Certified Internist and currently serves as a the Program Director of the Hospitalist Program at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital, leading a team of more than 20 physicians who oversee the… Full Story

Ann Curry, Dallas Physician to Star on TNT and TBS Medical Show

Dallas’ own Dr. James Pinckney is soon to be on a ten-episode show called Chasing the Cure with Ann Curry on TNT and TBS. Pinckney is a family medicine and founder of direct primary care practice Diamond Physicians, with four locations in North Texas. The Plano native was selected to help behind the scenes and on camera as part of the medical panel for Curry’s return to live television. The show will look at unsolved diagnoses and other complex medical conditions. Part of Pinckney’s role will be to work in the “Crowd Cure Center” for the live show, where viewers… Full Story

Report: Specialists in Demand Amidst Decrease in Calls for Primary Care

Healthcare facilities are looking for more specialists and fewer primary care physicians, according to an annual report from Merritt Hawkins tracking physicians starting salaries and other recruiting patterns. An aging population reveals shortages of both specialist and primary care physicians in years ahead. The report arrives as numerous data points suggest the importance of primary care physicians in reducing overall healthcare costs and avoiding unnecessary and often costly treatment performed by specialists. The 2019 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives analyzed results from a survey of 3,131 physician and advanced practitioners conducted over the last year. Merritt Hawkins is a… Full Story

Insights From CEOs of Baylor, UnitedHealthcare, Catalyst, Caddis, and More

Providers, health plans, and pharmacies are uniting into single entities while evidence shows that investing upstream with primary care improves quality and reduces healthcare costs. In a battle against ever increasing premiums, employers are looking at ways to spend less on healthcare, with more and more moving to self-funded plans, educating their employees about how their choices impact everyone’s cost, and redesigning their pharmacy benefit plans for up to 50 percent savings. These are just a few of the insights shared during the D CEO 2019 Healthcare Roundtable, a sponsored discussion from the July issue with North Texas Healthcare leaders.… Full Story

Study: Detecting Depression Rarely Requires Psych Visit

A UT Southwestern study shows that seeing a psychiatrist is not necessarily the most practical solution to diagnosing and treating depression. The research looked at 25,000 patients and concluded that primary care doctors can successfully detect and treat depression without additional help from mental health personnel, and arrives with guidelines asking for expanded depression screenings. “It’s difficult to do proper screening for depression in a busy clinical practice,” says founding Director of UT Southwestern’s Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care, Dr. Madhukar Trivedi, per release. “This study shows that primary care physicians can do this, and do it well,… Full Story

Fighting Physician Shortage Through the Workspace

The physician shortage is likely to get worse before it gets better, but there are best practices facilities can do to recruit and retain top talent, according to Kurt Mosley, VP of Strategic Alliances at Merritt Hawkins, who spoke at the North Texas Hospital, Outpatient Facilities, and Medical Office Buildings Summit. Over half of all doctors today are older 56, according to the American Medical Association. In Texas, more than 27 percent of physicians are over 60, while over a third of doctors in New Mexico are 60 or older. Meanwhile, the population is growing, and will have added 50 million… Full Story

Physician Dispensing in Texas Heads to Court

The 86th Texas Legislative Session came to an end without any movement on physicians’ ability to expense a limited number of common prescription drugs, so two Texas doctors are taking their case to the Travis County Civil District Court, where they are claiming the ban on physician dispensing is unconstitutional. Texas is out of step with the rest of the nation when it comes to the rule, as it is just one of five states to ban physicians from dispensing anything but free samples to their patients, though the state does allow doctors to dispense medications if they live more than… Full Story

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dementia

Around 5.7 million Americans are currently living with dementia, and as many as 13.9 million individuals 65 years or older are projected to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias in the US by 2060. Physicians can help patients reduce their chances of developing dementia and educate families how to cope with a challenging situation. “It can be frustrating for families and caregivers because the disease makes people behave unpredictably,” says Dr. Raja Paspula, senior lead physician at Parkland’s Geriatrics and Senior Care Center, via release. “They no longer have proper judgment or impulse control so they can act… Full Story

Dallas Physician Suspended by Texas Medical Board

Updated with comments from Methodist McKinney president Joe Minissale.  The Texas Medical Board has temporarily suspended Dr. Gerald Patrick Gibson because his practice poses a threat to public welfare. The board found that he violated his Texas Physician Health Program agreement that said he must not use controlled substances. The panel discovered evidence that Gibson suffers from a mental or physical condition that doesn’t allow him to safely practice medicine. The license was suspended without notice, and will remain in place until the board takes further action. Multiple online directories list Gibson as an emergency medicine doctor based in McKinney.… Full Story