The Do’s and Don’ts of Dementia

Around 5.7 million Americans are currently living with dementia, and as many as 13.9 million individuals 65 years or older are projected to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias in the US by 2060. Physicians can help patients reduce their chances of developing dementia and educate families how to cope with a challenging situation. “It can be frustrating for families and caregivers because the disease makes people behave unpredictably,” says Dr. Raja Paspula, senior lead physician at Parkland’s Geriatrics and Senior Care Center, via release. “They no longer have proper judgment or impulse control so they can act… Full Story

Dallas Physician Suspended by Texas Medical Board

Updated with comments from Methodist McKinney president Joe Minissale.  The Texas Medical Board has temporarily suspended Dr. Gerald Patrick Gibson because his practice poses a threat to public welfare. The board found that he violated his Texas Physician Health Program agreement that said he must not use controlled substances. The panel discovered evidence that Gibson suffers from a mental or physical condition that doesn’t allow him to safely practice medicine. The license was suspended without notice, and will remain in place until the board takes further action. Multiple online directories list Gibson as an emergency medicine doctor based in McKinney.… Full Story

Texas Medical Association Names Local CEO

The Texas Medical Association has named Michael J. Darrouzet its new executive vice president and chief executive officer. Beginning September 1, the former chief executive of the Dallas County Medical Society will take over for Dr. Louis J. Goodman, who is retiring after managing the 53,000 physician organization since 1997. Darrouzet has been a part of several initiatives while at DCMS, including Project Access Dallas, My Medical Home, and the north Texas Accounatble Healthcare Partnership. He has been with the 7,500 member society, which is the second largest medical society in the country, since 1997. Prior to that, he was an assistant administrator… Full Story

First-of-its-Kind Neck Surgery Arrives in North Texas

North Texas was home to a novel neck surgery this spring when a Kentucky resident traveled to Plano to have a new FDA-approved artificial cervical disc implanted at the Center for Disc Replacement at Texas Health Center for Diagnostics and Surgery. The surgeons at the center, Drs. Blumenthal, Guyer, and Zigler are well-versed in artificial discs, as they were the first physicians in the country to implant any sort of artificial disc into a patient in 2000. Because of their expertise, they are often the leading edge for FDA studies of new artificial cervical and lumbar discs. When cervical discs… Full Story

Treating Cancer with Car-T in DFW – One Year Later

Around a year ago, a cancer break through arrived in Dallas in the form of CAR-T therapy, where cells are modified and the immune system is used to fight cancer. Since then, immunotherapy has expanded in the region to include two different CAR-T therapies. Over the past year, the partnership between Texas Oncology and and Baylor University Medical Center has treated 16 patients with commercially available CAR-T, which is for lymphoma and acute leukemia. Meanwhile, 30 more patients were enrolled in clinical trials for a number of different cancers. Currently an inpatient procedure, trials are looking at moving the cancer… Full Story

Which Local Physicians Were Elected to the TMA Board of Trustees?

The Texas Medical Associations’ House of Delegates elected Dr. Kayla Riggs and re-elected Dr. Sue S. Bornstein to serve on the TMA Board of Trustees at TexMed, the annual conference in Dallas. Riggs is an internal medicine resident at UT Southwestern Medical Center, and previously served on the board as a representative of the TMA Medical Student Section. She was president of the TMA Medical Student Section while at UT Health Science Center, growing the chapter’s membership by 90 students. “I have enjoyed being involved with health care policy and organized medicine, and as I plan for my future career, I intend… Full Story

Bringing the Free Market to Dallas Healthcare

At the Free Market Medical Association conference earlier this spring, Johns Hopkins surgeon Dr. Martin Makary showed the crowd a chart about how prices for different items has changed since 1998. Housing, childcare, and wages were up significantly, while cars and clothing had remained mostly static. Toys, televisions, and cell phone service were much lower than 20 years ago. But the items with the largest jumps, around 200 percent more expensive than 20 years ago, are hospital services and college tuition. Makary, best-selling author of The Price We Pay about how employers and families can lower healthcare costs, went on to… Full Story

Why Providers Need to be Familiar with Lyme Disease

When I first felt the sharp stab of pain between my shoulder blades in the fall of 2017, I wasn’t worried. Why should I be? I was a healthy, active, 26-year-old woman who’d never broken a bone, never been hospitalized, and hardly ever taken any medication. Surely this unexpected pain was nothing more than a mild strain that would resolve itself within a day or so. I slapped a heating pad on my back, took an Advil, and went about my day. I should have been worried. The pain in my back did not disappear. A few weeks later, a… Full Story

Two Garland Physicians Suspended by the Texas Medical Board

Garland physicians Dr. Leovares Antonio Mendez and Dr. Cesar B. Pena-Rodriguez have both been temporarily suspended without notice, as the Texas Medical Board has decided their practice threatens public welfare. The U.S. District Court in Dallas issued a temporary restraining order against Mendez and Pena Rodriguez after finding out that they distributed controlled substances through fraudulent prescriptions to law enforcement between May 2017 and March 2018. Between 2014 and 2019, Mendez handed out other false prescriptions for a variety of schedule II, III, IV, and V controlled substances without any medical purpose. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported earlier this month… Full Story

North Texas Physicians Honored by the Texas Medical Association

The Texas Medical Association handed out several awards to North Texas physicians for their work with students and patients at their annual conference in Dallas. Fort Worth family physician Dr. Linda M. Siy was recognized by Texas medical students for her commitment to mentoring students by giving her the 2019 C. Frank Webber, MD, Award. Siy has worked in the JPS network since 1995. “To be recognized for doing what I truly enjoy is a gift, and I am extremely honored,” said Siy via release. “C. Frank Webber was a remarkable, very accomplished family physician, and that makes this award even… Full Story