With BSW’s Help, FDA Approval for Low-Risk Valve Replacement

A trial led by Baylor Scott and White’s Heart Hospital in Plano has led to FDA approval of Trans Aortic Valve Replacement for low risk patients. The approval will open up the surgery to virtually all patients with aortic stenosis. TAVR is a procedure to replace an aortic valve without open-heart surgery, resulting in decreased risk and recovery time. The procedure has quickly become popular in high risk patients who cannot undergo surgery, but the approval means that younger, stronger patients will now be eligible. The majority of patients who are treated for aortic stenosis, which is a narrowing of the… Full Story

Methodist Hospital for Surgery Receives Center of Excellence Designation

Methodist Hospital for Surgery has been named an Orthopaedic Center of Excellence DNV GL Healthcare, an international certification and accrediting organization. The designation is in recognition of the hospitals diagnostic services, surgical services, and therapies related to orthopedic care. Methodist Hospital for Surgery is an ambulatory center that connects local surgeons to the Methodist Health System, treating spine, joint disease, and trauma. The honor is achieved by being certified in spine, shoulder, and hip and knee replacement surgery based on requirements set forth by DNV GL Healthcare. DNV GL operates in more than 100 countries and has 16,000 employees worldwide. “This… Full Story

First-of-its-Kind Neck Surgery Arrives in North Texas

North Texas was home to a novel neck surgery this spring when a Kentucky resident traveled to Plano to have a new FDA-approved artificial cervical disc implanted at the Center for Disc Replacement at Texas Health Center for Diagnostics and Surgery. The surgeons at the center, Drs. Blumenthal, Guyer, and Zigler are well-versed in artificial discs, as they were the first physicians in the country to implant any sort of artificial disc into a patient in 2000. Because of their expertise, they are often the leading edge for FDA studies of new artificial cervical and lumbar discs. When cervical discs… Full Story

Southwest Transplant Alliance’s Expansion is More than Brick and Mortar

When it is time for an organization to expand, calls are made to real estate brokers and contractors to figure out what the next move will be. If staying put is the answer, architects are consulted and plans drawn up for growth. Most times, these are efficient and business-like interactions between professionals, but when it came to the expansion of Southwest Transplant Alliance, a new facility was more than just a contract. In this D CEO Magazine feature, read about how the world of transplants impacted the CEO, contractor, and architect of the project, as well as the unique facility… Full Story

Expansion of Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery in North Texas

As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services considers expanding transcatheter aortic valve replacement, a minimally invasive heart surgery, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine authored by the Baylor Scott and White Plano Heart Hospital’s Dr. Michael Mack shows that results improve as TAVR centers increase surgery volume. TAVR involves inserting a collapsed valve through an artery near the hip and expanding it once it is in place in the aorta, and is becoming more common because of its reduced recovery time and risk compared to open heart surgery. The surgery was first used for older, more fragile… Full Story

“Providers Will Run Amok” – Dallas Does Too Many Surgeries

Half of all adults are impacted by musculoskeletal conditions, greater than the number of people impacted by chronic heart and lung conditions, according to the Centers for Disease Control. But because of mismanaged care, many of these injuries are costing patients, their employers, and taxpayers much more than they should. At a recent meeting of the Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health, Dr. Scott Conard of Converging Health moderated a discussion about how to bring down MSK costs between Catalyst Health CEO Dr. Chris Crow, Vice President of Clinical Strategy at Airrosti Dr. Chris Cato, and Administration Services Manager for the… Full Story

How Much are Patients Paying to Deliver Babies in Dallas?

In the Dallas area, new moms will find a nearly $5000 range in price range to deliver their baby. As healthcare costs continue to rise, price transparency has become a key strategy for those trying to bring high prices and the stress they put on the system under control. Hospitals are now asked to post their prices online, but most are difficult to interpret and somewhat meaningless unless one knows how their insurance deductible and coinsurance will impact the final cost. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded the Healthy Marketplace Index, where they analyzed negotiated rates between providers and insurance… Full Story

Baylor’s Uterine Transplant Symposium Aims to Take the Surgery Worldwide

Baylor University Medical Center’s uterus transplant clinical trial team will play host to a first-of-its-kind international Uterus Transplant Symposium on Friday and Saturday, with the hope of educating other medical centers around the world with a procedure that will provide an innovative solution to infertility. Baylor is the only site in the country to successfully deliver two babies after transplanting a donated uterus into a woman, and is on the cutting edge of the procedure worldwide as the medical center makes its way through the second round of 10 new uterine transplants and donations. The symposium will share the latest findings,… Full Story

Texas Back Institute Surgeon Named President of International Surgery Society

Dr. Jack Zigler has been appointed President of The International Society for The Advancement of Spine Surgery. Zigler is an orthopedic surgeon at the Plano-based Texas Back Institute, and will serve as president for the 2019-2020 year. ISASS helps provide patients access to top spine surgery options and serve as an educational forum to advance new techniques such as minimally invasive spine surgery and robotics. More than 3,000 members in 78 countries are prolific researchers and have produced 4,200 scientific papers since the organization’s founding in 2000. In 2001,  Zigler was the first surgeon to implant the ProDisc lumbar artificial disc in… Full Story

Tiger Woods’ Masters Victory Aided by Plano’s Texas Back Institute

In one of the greatest sports comebacks in recent memory, Tiger Woods became the second oldest player to win the Masters this weekend. With eleven years since his last major win and 14 since he last put on the green jacket at Augusta, the embattled former champion overcame a DUI, plenty of media shaming, and significant injury woes to win his fifth Masters this weekend. His return to form included many starts and stops and took him through North Texas when he received surgery at the Texas Back Institute. In 2017, the Dallas Morning News wrote a piece about Dr.… Full Story