Access Physicians Receives $9.3M in Funding to Expand Telemedicine Nationwide

Dallas-based telemedicine company Access Physicians secured $9.3M in Series A funding from Health Enterprise Partners, a private equity firm focused on healthcare with financial backing from some of the largest health systems and health plans in the country. “Today’s health care landscape continues to change rapidly. Telehealth is no longer the future – it is the present. The Texas Hospital Association identified a dependable telehealth partner for Texas hospitals in Access Physicians and we are excited to see what they do next,” said Ted Shaw, THA president and CEO via release. The investment will allow Access Physicians to grow its multispecialty telemedicine services… Full Story

Why Medical Data is 50 Times More Valuable Than a Credit Card

As the healthcare company lurches into embracing cloud-based technology, protecting medical data has become even more essential. While banks and other financial organizations have long been data security experts, the healthcare field has been a bit slower to protect its data, which can often be more valuable than credit cards and bank account numbers. Experts say the value of a social security number is worth 10 cents on the black market, with credit cards going for 25 cents. Medical identify theft of secure medical records, which often include both of those numbers plus much more information, is even more lucrative.… Full Story

Treating Drug Addiction with Magnetic Therapy in Dallas

Prescription drug addiction is an issue that has gripped the headlines for several years, but treating the issue has proven to be difficult, time consuming, and costly. One issue is that most programs apply identical methods of care to all patients regardless of one’s individual psychiatric issues. Dallas based- Enterhealth is the first addiction treatment center in North Texas to adopt Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRT), which provides a personalized approach utilizing a combination of individual physiotherapy, non-addictive psychiatric medications, and other stress management tools to optimize the brain function within four to eight weeks of treatment. Each patient presents a different… Full Story

CourMed Now Has Next-Day Delivery of Healthcare Items in DFW

Pharmacies and patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will now have a new option for accessing their medications and healthcare items through CourMed‘s next-day delivery. Items such as prescription medications, premium vitamins and supplements, as well as eyewear and some natural medicines will now be available for delivery directly to the patient’s home or workplace. CourMed deliveries are made through a web of crowdsourced drivers, and pharmacy patients can expect their orders by the next day, sometimes even within a couple of hours, and at no extra cost to them. The pharmacies will foot the tab for delivery while expanding… Full Story

The Predictive Model Preventing Adverse Drug Events and Saving Millions

Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation developed a model that has helped avoid more than 2,000 adverse drug events at Parkland Hospital and saved $17 million via a reduction of re-admissions and eliminating these events. The program is called Patients at Risk for Adverse Drug Events, which targets ADEs that plague more than 450,000 patients nationwide, accounting for $4 billion in extra hospital costs each year. The program screens adult patients when they are hospitalized and flags those who are at risk of an ADE  by analyzing the patient’s medical history, demographics, and social determination of health. The program then provides… Full Story

Tenet and NTT DATA Enter Multi-Year Agreement

Local organizations Tenet Healthcare Corp. and NTT DATA Services have agreed to a new multi-year agreement to advance technology in the Tenet network, continuing more than 20 years of collaboration. Efficient infrastructure, application systems will be the focus for the Tenet facilities. Tenet is working to streamline several service delivery models, and NTT DATA will improve the care provided with their technology solutions and platforms. “This agreement fits into our larger digital transformation strategy that prioritizes innovation and a customer-first mentality,” said Ron Rittenmeyer, Executive Chairman and CEO of Tenet Healthcare via release. “Together with NTT DATA, we are committed… Full Story

Home Health Tech Company Axxess Partners With California Telehealth Solution

Home healthcare technology company Axxess is teaming up with Connected Home Living, Inc. to provide telehealth monitoring solutions to patients. Connected Home Living’s data shows that 94 percent of patients using its technology are able to stay at home without visiting the hospital following an in-patient stay at the hospital. The platform provides 24/7 clinical monitoring, medication monitoring, arranging transportation, educational modules, and the collection of critical data. “By offering remote care monitoring that can be used on any device through Connected Home Living, Axxess clients nationwide will have the opportunity to seek physician and nursing services using sophisticated technology… Full Story

Rural Hospital Group Endorse Dallas-Based Telemedicine Provider to Deliver Care

The Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals has endorsed Dallas-based Access Physicians as its preferred provider for telemedicine. Access Physicians provides inpatient and multispecialty telemedicine for clients across the country in both rural and urban facilities. “Many of the issues confronting our members, including financial challenges, personnel shortages, and access to care, can be addressed by telemedicine,” said Vicki Pascasio, FACHE, President and CEO of TMSI via release. “After a rigorous due diligence process that included research, performance evaluation, and references, our board is delighted to welcome Access Physicians to the family of Endorsed Business Partners.” TORCH-member hospitals and… Full Story

Europe’s Perspectum and ProPath Form Imaging and Pathology Partnership

Perspectum, Europe’s fastest-growing life science company, has joined forces with ProPath, a local provider of pathology services. The partnership will allow pharmaceutical companies to receive pathology and imaging expertise from one contact research organization when running clinical trials. Perspectum provides imaging technologies for monitoring and trial endpoints, improving decision making. Trials will have streamlined clinical data management and access to biopsy and imaging data with cloud-based storage. “We are excited to start this partnership with ProPath, which will enable us to expand Perspectum’s efforts to streamline and improve decision-making in liver disease clinical trials. This combined offering will provide our… Full Story

Expert: Fatty Liver Disease is the Next Healthcare Epidemic

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is quickly becoming the next healthcare epidemic. Currently affecting over 30% of Americans, trends show this population will increase significantly in the coming years. NAFLD is a disease that ranges from relatively harmless fatty liver to the more severe non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) where the accumulation of fat causes chronic inflammation and cell injury. Approximately 25% of adults with fatty liver will go on to develop NASH. If NASH is left untreated, fibrosis occurs, where persistent inflammation causes a build-up of scar tissue. At the advanced stages of the disease, liver damage is irreversible and often… Full Story