How One Growing Healthcare Company Is Retaining Diverse Employees

Among Fortune 500 healthcare companies, just 21 percent of executives and board members are women, even though they comprise 80 percent of the industry. In this expert commentary, Melody Lenox of Dallas’ Axxess touches on how the company maintains a 50/50 ratio, as well as how it’s navigating the choppy waters of technological change and cutting down on increased spending. Full Story

Medical Scribes Ease EMR Time Burden

The use of medical scribes is swiftly expanding. The federal government estimated that more than half of doctors’ offices and 80 percent of hospitals that accept Medicare or Medicaid would have electronic health records by the end of 2013. Only about 17 percent of physicians used electronic records in 2008. Full Story

Doctor Vacancies Soar As Affordable Care Act Kicks In

Doctor and nurse vacancies are approaching nearly 20 percent at hospitals nationwide, as the centers prepare for the throng of newly-insured patients, according to a new survey. The survey, by healthcare staffing firm AMN Healthcare, shows that the vacancy rate for physicians at hospitals neared 18 percent in 2013, while the nurse vacancy rate is 17 percent. In 2009, the vacancy rate for doctors was 10.7 percent, while the rate for nurses was just 5.5 percent. “Cost is the healthcare work force issue of most concern to hospital executives, though they also find physician/hospital alignment, the move to quality-based provider compensation, high vacancy rates,… Full Story