Forest Park Defendant: “That’s Not How it Works”

The Forest Park Medical Center trial continued Friday morning, with testimony from Dr. Michael Rimlawi, one of the 10 remaining defendants in the alleged $40 million kickback scheme at the for-profit hospital. Testimony was focused on the nature of the payments that were made to physicians. The government attempted to frame these payments as kickbacks that were connected to the volume of value of surgeries done at the hospital, while Rimlawi vehemently denied it. Rimlawi is the director and founder of the Minimally Invasive Spine Institute, and had operating privileges at the now bankrupt hospital. Rimlawi made the news when… Full Story

Former UT Southwestern Plastic Surgeon is One of the Nation’s Best

Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor program honored Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Rod J. Rohrich as one of the best plastic surgeons in the country. Rohrich is known for promoting safety and innovative surgery practices at lectures around the world, and was formerly a professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Rohrich has been chairman of the Dallas Rhinoplasty meeting, chairman of the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine meeting, and the Editor-in-Chief of  the highly cited peer reviewed journal in the world, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Nominations and feedback are solicited from 50,000 healthcare professionals nationwide in the search for top doctors in… Full Story

Physician Partners of America is Expanding From Texas to California

The root causes of the United State’s opioid crisis are numerous and complex, but at least some of the blame lays at the feet of overprescription of pills in order to reduce pain for patients. Hospital evaluations were tied to patients’ pain, and many patients were prescribed addictive opioids for chronic pain to keep their evaluations positive. According to Physicians Partners of America founder Dr. Rodolfo Gari, physicians believed these medicines were not as addictive as they ended up being. At the 13 Dallas-area PPOA clinics, physicians focus on avoiding addictive painkillers and look for alternative ways to treat pain.… Full Story

TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine’s New Surgery Chair

Dr. Rohan Jeyarajah will be the first academic chair of surgery at TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine.where he will oversee planning, operations, and oversight within the surgery department. Jeyarajah is currently the director of Gastrointestinal Surgical Services at Methodist Richardson Medical Center, where he also directs the Hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) Surgery Fellowship. His practice focuses on surgery in the pancreas, liver, bile duct, stomach, and esophagus. Born in Sri Lanka, Jeyarajah grew up in Africa before training at the University of Chicago. He was an associate professor at UT Southwestern Medical School, eventually being named to his current position. Author of more than… Full Story

Convicted McKinney Surgeon Pleads Guilty to Additional Sexual Assault

McKinney orthopedic surgeon Donald Ozumba, 46, pleaded guilty to four additional sexual assault charges this week, after being convicted of assaulting an elderly patient last year and sentenced to 10 years in prison, according to the Dallas Morning News. The recent pleas will not increase the time he spends prison. According to DMN, a 71-year-old victim says Ozumba penetrated her with his finger while she was receiving steroid injection in 2016 at OSSM Orthopedics in McKinney. Ozumba was arrested in 2017 when a second woman reported the same behavior, DMN reports. His newest guilty pleas all resulted in eight year… Full Story

A Local Eye Surgeon is Repairing Sight for Those Who Can’t Afford It

A teacher who can no longer read her students’ papers. A truck driver who can’t pass his vision test. When someone loses their vision, they lose more than just the ability to get around; they can lose their careers as well. Without a job, it can be difficult of prohibitively expensive to purchase insurance. Without insurance, fixing the vision loss can also prove impossible. It is this vicious cycle that Operation Sight is hoping to end, and the organization is teaming up with local surgeons such as Dr. Jeffrey Whitman at the Key-Whitman Eye Center in Dallas. According to Operation… Full Story

Local Surgery Management Company Expands with Colorado Partnership

U.S. Oral Surgery Management has formed a partnership with Oral Surgery of the Rockies near Denver, Colorado. This will be the Irving-based specialty management services corporation’s first partnership outside of Texas. USOSM serves oral and maxillofacial surgeons, who perform dental implants, bone grafting, and wisdom teeth removal. They offer surgeons business management expertise, capital for growth, and other resources, allowing surgeons to focus on their patients. “Every partnership is important for us,” says Richard Hall, USOSM president and CEO via release. “And this one is particularly significant because it’s the first outside of Texas. When we founded USOSM just a… Full Story

How This Heart Surgery Recovery Went From Six Weeks to One Day

For two decades, Dallas has been home to a heart conference that pushes the envelope for heart surgery worldwide, and this year’s Dallas Leipzig International Valve Meeting was no different. Founded by Dr. Michael Mack and Dr. David Brown, the conference targets cardiologists and cardiac surgeons and partners with the heart center in Leipzig, Germany. The December conference provided physicians a look at new techniques, procedures, and technology that advance the cardiac field, and the German partnership allowed participants to view surgical techniques that are not yet approved in the states. This year, 10 surgeries were broadcast at the conference… Full Story

Just How Much Does a Knee Replacement Cost in North Texas?

One of healthcare’s greatest challenges is determining exactly how much an operation is going to cost. While a patient’s unique body and medical history can make it difficult for providers to predict the exact price, consumers are applying pressure to make healthcare more like retail, with open and transparent pricing. We acquired some research from healthcare consultants Holmes Murphy about how different hospital systems price for a major joint replacement. According to Holmes Murphy, $40 billion is spent in Dallas-Fort Worth every year on healthcare. In order to combat costs, they were employed by regional municipalities to form the North… Full Story

Dr. Death’s Life Sentence Upheld in Appeals Court

Dr. Christopher Duntsch’s life sentence was upheld by the Fifth District Court of Appeals earlier this week, confirming the aggravated assault charges for operations conducted in the operating room, a legal first. Duntsch was charged with with five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of injury to an elderly individual, though there are reports about dozens of patients who were left in pain, paralyzed, or dead after he operated on them. The trial focused on just one patient, Mary Efurd, an elderly patient whose back was left mangled after Duntsch was done with her. The… Full Story