Morning Rounds (07.25.12)

NTEC is accepting applications for MedVentures 2012. Last year’s presenting companies raised an average of $1.9 million. Deloitte surveys C-suite executives and HR professionals on the U.S. healthcare system, the ACA, and strategies for employee health benefits coverage and cost containment. Becker’s Hospital Review shares five best practices for cultural changes following a hospital transaction. Hospital leaders share their opinions on their organizations’ budgets for EHR deployment? Integrated Healthcare Strategies‘ 2012 national healthcare staff compensation survey results.    

Local Health Information Exchange Battles the Clock to Wire DFW Healthcare Organizations

Implementing electronic health records (EHRs) in hospitals and physicians offices is difficult enough. Getting the systems to talk to each other—for coordinated care, patient safety, and to improve quality—seems even more daunting. The inter-facility chatter is called a health information exchange (HIE). A North Texas HIE cooperative is fighting the clock, among other things, to get one established before the federal funding runs out. Texas received funding from the 2009 federal economic-stimulus legislation to help develop HIE. However, those monies will run out by the end of 2013. The Texas Health Services Authority and Texas Health and Human Services Commission… Full Story

Healthcare: The Business We’re In

While standing in line to board a cross-country bus, a middle-aged man crumples to the floor. Stunned momentarily, bystanders gasp then began trying to help. Someone calls 9-1-1. A woman kneels to see if he’s OK. No response. A nearby man begins pushing on the chest, hoping he is doing it right. An approaching siren announces the arrival of the EMS ambulance. Paramedics come through the door and take over. Many things happen at once, each of the medics playing their role. They work on the patient until a decision is made to transport. At the nearest hospital the EMS… Full Story

Teladoc Co-founder Gary Wald Named Chief Operating Officer of InteractiveMD

Gary Wald has been named chief operating officer of InteractiveMD. The co-founder of Dallas-based Teladoc brings a solid background in telehealth, telecommunications, medical devices, and advertising to his new role. Wald—who will divide his time between Dallas and InteractiveMD’s Boca Raton, Fla., headquarters—said telehealth communications is his passion. His mission at InteractiveMD will be to help develop customized telehealth solutions and bundle medical devices and telecom tools into a patient-centric, advanced remote telehealth consultation, he said. Before co-founding Teladoc in 2002, Wald was vice president of marketing at Medtronic, where he focused on the company’s insulin pump division. He also spent five years… Full Story

MedSynergies Aligns with Staubach’s Allies in Service to Help Provide Jobs for Veterans

Fifteen percent of MedSynergies’ new hires through 2013 will be veterans or their spouses, as part of the company’s commitment to help improve the 10 percent unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans. “We understand the need that exists for reliable career paths among veterans and their spouses, and relish the opportunity to hire more employees with the kind of teamwork, commitment and discipline these individuals bring,” said J.R. Thomas, CEO of MedSynergies, in a statement. “As a growing business, it is absolutely critical for us to hire new employees who will help build leadership throughout our organization, and our partnership with… Full Story