A Tale Of Genetics And Questionable Science

The last thing Molly Bray told me before we ended our call was the sort of quote that pops out of the receiver and floats right onto the page. The no-nonsense Bray, a geneticist at UT Austin who has studied the intersection of genetics and weight management, was on the phone to discuss a Dallas company I’d been talking to called Genetix Health Institute. She offered this: “Their team is really solid, and I think they’re probably giving solid advice about weight loss,” Bray tells me before we hang up. “Whatever they’re doing in terms of genes—it’s not founded in… Full Story

Wellness In The Workplace: Dallas-based Companies Help Grow An Evolving Industry

When workplace wellness first became buzzworthy, it was the prospect of cost savings that drew in business owners. These days, that’s not the only—or even the predominate—factor, says David Evans, vice president at Dallas-based Cooper Wellness Strategies. “They were looking for, ‘Where can we target our programs to help improve or reduce those things where there is health-related cost?’” Evans says. “While those things are certainly still important, the issue now for companies is ‘What’s the culture of our company that supports our employees in all aspects of their lives?’ The corporate fitness and the corporate wellness initiatives are appropriately… Full Story

Medical City Children’s Healthy Eating Program Recognized

The kids teaching kids program at Medical City Children’s Hospital is one of five programs across the country to receive the American Hospital Association NOVA Award for its efforts to improve community health. Hospital leadership will grab the award at a summit in San Diego later this month. Kids teaching kids was created in 2010 to improve children’s eating habits by encouraging them to choose healthier snacks. A 21-day challenge associated with the program has reached 275,000 elementary-aged students and their parents with nutritional resources. Through a “Kids Fit Menu,” North Texas children have ordered 300,000 healthy menu items at… Full Story

Cooper Wellness Integrates Meritage Healthcare, Names VP

Dallas-based Cooper Aerobics has integrated Meritage Healthcare Strategies into its Cooper Wellness Strategies (CWS) division. The website for Meritage says it has offices in Irving as well as St. Louis, and that it assists “hospitals, healthcare organizations, medical fitness centers, communities and entrepreneurs with business planning, development and marketing efforts.” Combining the two will allow CWS to operate with a complete suite of wellness services, Cooper Aerobics says. David Evans, formerly of Meritage, will become vice president of CWS under Dallas-based Cooper Aerobics. Evans was principal at Meritage for 16 years and served as managing director of the Baylor Tom… Full Story

Report Calls Texas the Third-worst State for Children’s Healthcare

WalletHub has a new analysis out on children’s health, culling together 30 factors along the lines of access, cost, quality, and some other more miscellaneous categories. The data set includes things like pediatricians per capita, share of children under 18 in excellent or very good health, death rates, sugar-sweetened beverage consumption, and fast-food restaurants per capita. The criteria are weighted, and the full methodology can be found here. That’s a lot of setup, I know. All to get here: Texas didn’t do well. It ranks third-to-last overall. Among the items where Texas ranks in the bottom five of the 51… Full Story

When it Comes to Mortality and Health Insurance Rates, A Racial and Ethnic Divide Remains Prominent in Dallas County

In Dallas County, racial and ethnic disparities remain prominent in areas like maternal mortality and the ability to withstand chronic diseases, even as the disparities among those without health insurance have tightened in recent years. Those are a few takeaways from the Dallas Economic Opportunity Assessment, a new report commissioned by the Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) and conducted by the Austin-based Center for Public Policy Priorities (CPPP). The groups convened Tuesday morning at CFT to go through the findings at an event featuring comments by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. The day revolved around… Full Story

This Has Been A Very Bad Flu Season, and Texas Appears To Be Ground Zero

On Friday, Dallas County Health and Human Services confirmed flu-related death numbers 53 and 54 on the season. The patients were 61 and 84 years old. As is often the case, both were already afflicted with high-risk health conditions, and died of complications related to the seasonal flu. This year’s fatality total is higher than the last three seasons combined, and one less than the 2013-2014 season, when 55 people died. The deaths are only one metric of a torrid flu season, however, and there’s another that might better show just how bad it’s been here in Dallas-Fort Worth and… Full Story