Battling the Behavioral Health Shortage in North Texas

Over the past several years, a number of behavioral health facilities in North Texas have closed, adding stress to a system that already had much fewer beds per capita than other urban areas in Texas. As of this summer, North Texas had about 580 licensed behavioral health beds, while Houston’s Harris County has nearly triple the number of beds at 1,549, and even San Antonio has 847 licensed beds. Most major public hospitals have upwards of 150 behavioral health beds, and John Peter Smith has more than 150. Parkland Hospital in Dallas County has just 20.  Health providers have their work… Full Story

How Local Veterans Are Finding Healthcare Careers

The men and women who serve in the United States armed services do more than just fight on a battlefield, and one of the largest of the system’s sectors is healthcare. From Navy Corpsman working alongside Marine Core units deployed in war zones to hospital administration staff running hospitals all over the world, healthcare careers in the armed services are as diverse as they come. But like other soldiers who find it difficult to adjust to civilian life, healthcare experienced veterans often struggle to find careers in the civilian world, even though they often have the skillsets and character traits… Full Story

How the Brain Performance Institute Is Changing the Perceptions of the Corporate World

Sanjiv Das’ day used to include 10 to 12 meetings a day. The Caliber Home Loans CEO would sit through presentations while checking email, making decisions, and guiding the business in its day-to-day operations. Caliber is one of the largest mortgage companies in the country and is consistently rated in the top five nationwide. But amidst all of the success, Das decided to turn his schedule upside down. He slashed his number of meetings in half, shortened presentations, and took more breaks. Was he sabotaging his career and the business along with it? Or did he know what he was doing? Full Story

Hospital Systems Are Rushing To Plant Sports Medicine Investments in Collin County

For hospitals, sports medicine can offer an attractive entry point into lasting relationships with families. And there might be no better place than Collin County to form those bonds. The area is booming, sports-crazed, and deep-pocketed—and just about every health system in Dallas-Fort Worth wants a piece. Full Story

The Medical Procedure That Can Help Fix Your Brain

Smithsonian once tagged it as “the most futuristic medical treatment ever imagined”: A surgeon drills a hole in the skull and inserts a device deep in the brain so that constant electrical pulses can calm movement disorders like Parkinson’s and Essential Tremor. A Collin County neurosurgeon has been doing it as long as anyone in the world. Full Story

Live Free Or Die: Village Health Partners Plots an Independent Course

Health systems are circling overhead like hawks. They’re buying independent physician practices that have all but collapsed in the post-Obamacare environment. The costs of providing healthcare are now so high that employers and insurance plans are demanding that the providers show their value. What’s a solo practitioner to do? Village Health Partners is building a model of survival—and health plans, employers, and patients are all taking notice. Full Story