Business Lunch: British Beverage Co.

BBC’s bangers and mash. Photography by Kevin Marple

The running joke amongst my friends is that I can’t do a British accent to save my bloody life. The closest I can come is to yell, “ALLO GUVNAH!” in some cartoonish Texas twang meets Liverpool cockney mashup. God save the queen, indeed.

Happily, Uptown’s new British Beverage Company—located in the old Hully & Mo space at the Quadrangle—is just British enough to satisfy anglophiles without encouraging any frowned upon faux accents. Designed by local firm Plan B, the handsome interior feels like a modern take on the traditional pub. Sure, there are a few Union Jack-inspired clichés, complete with a London taxi and faux red phone booth out front. But tufted brown leather, exposed brick, and an airier-than-normal space make BBC a welcome lunch option for those craving some bangers and mash.

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