Helping Patients on the Road to Recovery

Stephen F. Garrison, MD, medical director

Michael Fowler had alienated his entire family, dropped out of college, and been in and out of about 10 rehabilitation centers before he truly realized that he needed help. After spending the better part of 15 years in substance abuse programs, he was well into his 30s before figuring out that he had to want to get better to make it work.

Today, the former Preston Hollow resident, now nearing a decade of sobriety, is back in touch with his family and spends his days encouraging others with similar struggles. Fowler began working at Caron Texas, a Collin County in-patient rehabilitation center in 2011. Part of his role at Caron involves speaking to the patients in group meetings, showing them the road isn’t easy, but that it can lead to a life they’re proud of. Because patients know he’s been down that road himself, they’re more willing to listen.

Caron helps patients overcome alcohol and/or drug dependencies. A relative newcomer to Texas—its Collin County facility opened about two years ago—the Caron name is well known in eastern U.S. states, where it has been operating for six decades.

Caron Texas is located in the tiny, out-of-the-way Collin County town of Princeton, by design. The expansive facility, nestled in a peaceful setting, offers perks like meals prepared by an on-site chef and personal exercise instruction—even horse and water therapy. But Caron executives want people to know that just because patients are in a nice place, it doesn’t mean their treatment is any less difficult, or that the program is any less effective.

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