Bringing a Public Health Sensibility to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Bert Marshall knows that life can turn on a dime. Marshall, who was then president of health insurer Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, arrived home from a vacation on a Saturday in late May 2012. He’d been in France celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary. There was a message on his answering machine from Martin Foster, executive vice president of Health Care Service Corp., which oversees BCBS health plans in Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Call me tomorrow, Foster said. Marshall did. Foster told him that Darren Rodgers, CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, was moving… Full Story

Why Collin County is One of the Hottest Fertility Center Markets in the Country

At first glance, Michelle Pelzel doesn’t appear to be someone who has struggled with fertility issues. With her newborn twin boys and toddler daughter in tow, she’s fully immersed in the joys of motherhood. The Plano mom’s situation has changed dramatically from three years ago, when her biological clock was loudly ticking. After trying to become pregnant for a year, Pelzel, then 26, and her husband, Terry, decided it was time to see a fertility specialist. “We didn’t tell people we were trying, but we ended up having dinner with some friends and they were pregnant at the time,” Pelzel… Full Story

The Dallas-Fort Worth Excellence in Nursing Awards

So many lives have been touched by the nurses featured on this list. Their hard work, sharp minds, and easy bedside manner earned them a spot in our second Excellence in Nursing Awards. We received 339 nominations (to see how we narrowed down the list and for the full list of finalists, click here). One nurse continued to treat others as she underwent chemotherapy. Another broke through language barriers to better care for two young boys. And there’s the nurse whose impact was so felt that his young patient declared she wanted to take him home with her. We’re lucky to… Full Story

The Top Corporate Finance Pros in Dallas-Fort Worth 2013

Selecting the cream of the crop among financial executives in Dallas-Fort Worth each year is never easy, and 2013 proved it again. That’s because North Texas is blessed with an abundance of talent in the finance arena, with savvy professionals helping to pare company costs, structure sales, raise billions of dollars, and strategize to manage growth, often on a debt-free basis. To identify the honorees in D CEO’s 2013 Financial Executives Awards along with our partners the Dallas CPA Society, Financial Executives International, and the Association for Corporate Growth, we were assisted by an outstanding panel of judges. They were Sharon Ellis,… Full Story

All Roads Lead to Bush

Harold Carmichael III, known to his friends as Trey, had band practice the night before 19,000 people sent him on a mission to Austin. He’s 47 and ekes out a living as a graphic designer and creative director, but he has been drumming in local bands for years. Practice ran late. And then he got just enough sleep to ensure that he walked out the door later than he’d planned. Heavy traffic started on I-35 around Temple and stuck with him all the way into the city. When he reached the Capitol, he ran into more problems. The visitors’ lot… Full Story

Mobile and Cloud Computing Go Mainstream

Lately we’ve seen some traditional Dallas companies investing in technology and expanding in non-traditional ways. By finding innovative uses of mobile applications and cloud-based services, these firms aren’t just digitizing what they do, but creating opportunities for their own companies and their customers. When the convergence of communications services and devices took hold, consumers and businesses began to behave differently and the culture changed. Businesses are now starting to respond. “There’s a growing realization that companies must establish successful platforms, not just products,” explains Amit Basu, a professor at Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business. What’s a platform? Basu… Full Story

Why Bad Management is Usually to Blame

Management, Ed Whitacre says, is 95 percent about people. “If you can get that part right—the people part—most times the other stuff will work itself out,” says the plain-spoken Texan. He ought to know. For nearly two decades, the Ennis native successfully ran two of the country’s biggest companies: SBC Communications, now Dallas-based AT&T Corp., and General Motors. When Whitacre was lured out of retirement by the Obama administration in 2009 to take over as GM’s chairman following a bankruptcy filing and $50 billion federal bailout, he didn’t know a thing about the auto business. But he knew plenty about… Full Story

Reel FX is Ready For Its Close-up

Animation studio Reel FX turns 20 this year. But in many ways, the under-the-radar creative shop run by Steve O’Brien in Deep Ellum still feels and acts like a startup. Maybe it’s the “margatini” drink recipe scribbled in the lower left-hand corner of the white board. It’s right there alongside copious notes about modeling, texture handoffs, quality control, and other things decipherable only to those in the animation industry. The studio, tucked into a sizable but nondescript red-brick building that formerly housed Yahoo, is buzzing these days with work on two full-length feature films—the company’s first movies developed entirely… Full Story

The Best Doctors in Collin County 2013

Best Doctors in Collin County is a peer-review voting process. We rely on the doctors’ expertise to determine who deserves to be on the list, just like a doctor would recommend a patient to a specialist. This year, we mailed a letter to 1,565 local doctors from our online directory inviting them to vote using a ballot on our website. They could vote for up to three doctors in 38 categories. The nomination form asked them to vote bearing in mind the following question: which Dallas doctors would you trust with the care of a loved one? This year, 295… Full Story

How Dallas Stole the Byron Nelson

You don’t have to remind Beth Van Duyne that the HP Byron Nelson Championship, the world’s most successful professional charity golf event, is preparing to undergo some big changes over the next few years. In fact, it might be better if you didn’t. The Irving mayor knows full well that these changes will include a new title sponsor and, most likely, a new site for the PGA tournament at the future Trinity Forest Golf Course—a 400-acre former landfill about 10 minutes south of downtown Dallas, east of Interstate 45 along Loop 12. The Trinity Forest project, Van Duyne has learned,… Full Story